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ARI Ext Menu Popular Module

ARI Ext Menu v. 2.2.0 is ready. It supports Joomla! 3.0.

Mighty Joomla! drop-down menu.

Main features:

* Highly customizable;
* Supports horizontal and vertical menu direction;
* Can be used for creating multi-level menu;
* Provides possibility to define start and end level of menu;
* Works in all modern browsers;
* Translations: English, Spanish, Slovak;
* Open source and under GNU GPL license.

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Reviews: 9
Easy to install, flexible and GREAT support team.
Gives more that it says : such as, a good opportunity to practice in CSS if you follow the forum posts.
Thanks for offering it.
Reviews: 4
Best choice for menu from the dropdown choices. Makes dropdowns with jquery slide simple and easy. I move the css file to my template folder to keep it safe and easy. By far the simplest set up for CSS as well.
Reviews: 12
I installed this module on a 1.6 site and had a few hassles with submenus that I thought were Javascript clashes. The support crew upgraded the module for me which fixed it and they were also extremely helpful in finding a CSS issue.

I now have two left-column pop-out menus.

Top marks - works perfectly. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
the form is fantastic, but mostly the service is the best I've ever found!
Congratulations to your team
sorry for my English
thank you very much
Gianluca arredoannunci
Reviews: 2
hello , thanks you for this great extension , But it's not work in my web site ( template Beez20 ) , this problem is already report by mtxrooster , I put it in Position 2 like he said ( it's work ) , But i prefer it in 1 ;-) Thanks you anyway
Reviews: 3
If possible for the menu from right to left languages ​​can also publish.
Reviews: 1
How easy was that.This was number 4 download to try and get a decent horizontal menu near the footer.Fastest, easiest module to date.
4 hrs of looking, testing,downloading,removing other ext's, but with in 30 seconds of a successful download from this extension i have my horizontal menu near the footer.
Translates to multi-language as well.
Reviews: 1
A few comments.. First, I was reading the reviews and everyone who has posted (no offense), man they sound like bots or ad-revenue generating folk "this is the best product ever" "simple, easy to use" "Thank goodness for ARI Soft"! I was like, wow, is there actually a real reviewer NOT on ARI Soft's payroll posting in here? Deserate for a solution to my new 1.6 site without Purity's slick menu's, I've been hunting all day.

My hunt is over. I still don't know if those other people are real or not, but they aren't telling a lie. I installed it, I told it which menu I wanted to use, and that was it. Simple and painless, just like a Joomla experience SHOULD be. Kudos to ya'll for actually delivering, and not leaving your personal "we made this" all over the product. For those curious, on the beez_20 template, this works best on position-2.
Reviews: 1
Thank you a fabulous module with perfect support!

I download this module and installed this without any problems.

a lot of features and very good forum for help and example code for each thinkabel style.

Perfect i really enjoy this modul, because it is easy to change border. text, color, background, dimension etc.
Reviews: 1
This module is amazing, very powerful and very easy to customize. You can solve all the problems in the Ari Soft Forum, you will get instantly assistant.
Reviews: 1
I have now used this module on two websites and it works great.
The support that is provided is exelent.
Reviews: 24
Wanted to thank the team of ARI SOFT for such a great application and most of all for replying almost instantly to a couple of request I had.

Great application and great costumer service.
Keep on going like this guys!
Reviews: 6
This particular piece of software just works. The people at APISoft really know what they are doing.

Professionalism to the bone. Keep it up guys!
Reviews: 13
Thank you sooooo much for this fabulous module!

I had a tiny templating issue and posted on their forum for some help.

I had a response and the solution within a couple of hours!

WOW! Thank you, fantastic support!
Reviews: 2
The best dropdown menu that I even used.
Reviews: 7
Excellent support, fully customizable, easy to use- couldn't ask for more from a menu module- thank you!
Reviews: 1
Thank you so much for great support. I am really impressed with their supports. I emailed them asking for help and just 1 minute later I got an answer. Moreover, I asked them so many questions and they helped me perfectly and super fast!

The menus are looking fantastic. Thank you :)
Reviews: 1
Best menu extension for Joomla 1.6. I've had a few problems but the guys helped me very fast although it was a problem in the template causing the menu not to be visible.
Reviews: 5
I was looking for a simple menu with vertical direction and submenus and it seemed that ARI Ext Menu will do the job. I had to change CSS to match my site's design, but after that submenus didn't shou up. That's where superb support from ARI Soft came in. They manage to quickly identify the problem and made necessary CSS changes and from there everything worked ok.

I'm sure that this kind of users approach is much appreciated all over the world.

Thumbs up!
Reviews: 1
very easy to install, i already had my menu and i didnt have to add all items to the new one again; large list of subitems might be a problem i think
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