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Zaragoza News Tab Menu Module

Zaragoza News Menu is a three-level CSS, tabs and unobtrusive menu specially designed for high-traffic sites.
Main features:

* Only CSS (do not use javascript): valid CSS 2.1
* Clean code: valid XHTML 1.0
* CSS clean and easy configuration
* Tab menu
* 3-level menu
* A diferent class style for each item.
* Non clickeable active menu

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Reviews: 3
This module is very simple and lightweight. Perfect for what I needed. Deserves better reviews in my opinion. Thanks to the developer.
Reviews: 2
Very simple module menu with CSS, very variable, easy implementation :) thanx
Reviews: 8
Indeed, good module, as long as you don't need hovering effects (I don't), AND DON'T ENABLE CACHE! As another user already pointed out, this duplicates the menu on the page. The disable cache setting of the module doesn't make any difference here: you have to disable cache globally for the whole site. I haven't tested support yet.
Reviews: 5
Good extensions.
- No hover effect
- No Sub-level appears
- Has a little configure in admin page.
Reviews: 3
This is a very good menu module... if you don't enable the site cache. With cache enabled I get 2 or 3 times the same menu into the page.
Unfortunately there is not support.
Reviews: 2
A very good module. Used only CSS, which is very easy to modify.
Reviews: 1
I find it useful and very simple to youse but it would be useful to improve the backend option to configure it and not to modify the css to find the right configuration for our website. You should implement some themes, too. Anyway good module.