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Art Wijmo Menu Popular Module

Art Wijmo Menu is free customizable menu with horizontal and vertical layout and multiple themes


* Vertical and horizontal menu types
* Menu can be expanded on mouse over, click or double click
* Multiple menus can be shown on a single page
* Sliding menu type (ipod style)
* Supports opening links in this/new window/tab
* Comes as customizable module
* Supports all major browsers: IE 6, 7, 8; Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome, Seamonkey
* Multiple themes

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Reviews: 2
I love the free modules which makes your life easier.
This is a very good module!
Reviews: 1
What amazing support. I've walked around my IT office telling non-joomla users how great the support is on this product... That's how impressed I am.

Posting on the forum; I received custom CSS styling advice within hours of posting. Excellent extension!
Reviews: 1
I've used this and it certainly lives up to t's name.
Reviews: 51
We needed an extra menu on our Artisteer based template (which can be a challenge as other Artisteer users can confirm).
After testing tons of menues, a lot of them failing in our template, others looking bad, the choice fell on Art Wijmo.
When we encountered a problem, artetics took it serious, and solved the problem quickly.
The menu looks good, and has a nice dropdown effect.
Reviews: 1
Great support provided by Artetics! We have installed it quickly and contacted Artetics for minor changes. They have done it quickly and supported well.
Reviews: 1
Downloaded the extension and installed it with no issues, it worked perfect out of the box. I needed to make a few changes to the colors and such and received a very high level of support that you will rarely receive even on a paid product. I was shocked at the speed in which they responded to my questions. And I might add with correct answers. Outstanding!!!
Reviews: 8
Excellent module, and even better support from the guys. I cannot recommend this team highly enough.

I have a few extensions from Artetics, and usually dont need support... but when I did, they were on the ball in no time flat, and more to the point, sorted the issue.
Artetics will be my go-to place for extensions in the first instance. Prices are good, modules are good, and support is fantastic.
Couldnt get any better than that for me.

Reviews: 1
I never had such an useful help, they solved my issues in an istant!
Thanks a lot!
Reviews: 2
I use it on a multilanguage site. Two copys of the menu. Works great and looking good! The developers gave me great support concering style and technical questions. Thanks again, guys.

Thumbs Up!
Reviews: 1
This module works like a charm, is easy to implement, and when I had a small issue with the css, I received a response with a fix within 24 hours. I couldn't ask for more.
Reviews: 4
Installed easily and support was quick to assist in minor issue, I had. I would give it excellent if it had more options without having to go into the CSS to make changes.
Reviews: 3
This module is very good, flexible, has options for you to adjust the menu as you want, does what it says and the support is fantastic!
I had some problems using it on Beez20, position 1 on Joomla 1.7 so, I sent them an e-mail requesting help. In withing a week all of my problems were solved! Maybe if I had a little bit more knowledge in CSS I wouldn't even need the support because the changes were fairly simple.

Great job guys. Thank you very much for the help and for this excellent Module.
Reviews: 5
This is a very nice extension with amazing support. They helped me on the forum a lot.
Reviews: 2
The best ever....
about menu skin
menu features
and more for Tchnical support forum.
you are the best guys ;-)
Reviews: 3
I'm "amazed" at the way this menu looks on my website! After checking a few other menu's, I kept coming back to this one, and I'm glad I did. Being new to joomla, I would recommend this extension to others that are looking for a sleek menu with many options. Thanks ARTETICS! I'm very satisfied with your product and your GREAT SUPPORT!.
Reviews: 5
I opted for the beez20 template for my website and learned (to my horror!) that there was some sort of bug resulting in the dropdown menu working. I tried to install many different menu modules and none of these seemed to work either.

I then got this module recommended to me and yes again it didn't work to start with, but after emailing the support team (there is a forum and twitter also available), they have efficiently answered my emails back, gone through my coding extensively and found what was causing the problem within about a day.

For all of that, I cannot recommend this module enough. I hope that when some other poor soul types in beez20 menu bug in search, the solution pops up straight away. It will save a lot of heartache.

Thanks guys!
Reviews: 1
Excellent mod ,worked great for me.
Support was fast as hell!!!

Keep up the great work
Reviews: 1
Thanks Artetics! The menu works perfectly!
I emailed support how to change the menu colour
& 30mins later I got reply with solution & job done! Great service guys. Thanks for your help.
Reviews: 4
this guys are awsome. They did a great job
with this extension and also offered me great support via e-mail when I needed.

Thank you!
Marius RUSU
Reviews: 5
As I have used Joomla more and more, I have found that a really great extension needs three things: it needs to look great on the front end, it needs to have options and be easy to use in the back end and it needs to be well supported by the developer.

I use a few extensions from this developer and wished they made an extension for every single feature I needed, they are such a pleasure to deal with. If you need help with anything, post a forum message and you'll get answered promptly. I have required things tweaked a bit here or there and they are always ready for a solution.

It's developers like this that give Joomla such a great name.
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