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Art Wijmo Menu Popular Module

Art Wijmo Menu is free customizable menu with horizontal and vertical layout and multiple themes


* Vertical and horizontal menu types
* Menu can be expanded on mouse over, click or double click
* Multiple menus can be shown on a single page
* Sliding menu type (ipod style)
* Supports opening links in this/new window/tab
* Comes as customizable module
* Supports all major browsers: IE 6, 7, 8; Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome, Seamonkey
* Multiple themes

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Reviews: 7
Hard to find a vertical menu like this. It is easy to customize through css, well-made and by altering the images it can fit in any site.
And the best part,its free!
Reviews: 2
Team thank you very much ...

It cost me a little trouble adjusting, but more ignorance than anything else in CSS, excellent work and prompt response.

Again thank you very much.
Reviews: 1
Being fairly new to 1.7, I couldn't get this menu to work, even though all the reviews stress how easy it is. I knew it must be something simple but I got so frustrated I contacted Artetics and was very surprised to get an email within minutes. Several emails passed to-and-fro for them to look at what the problem might be, leading to them offering to set it up for me. Within half an hour of my first contact, they had identified the problem (it wouldn't work in the 'position' I was trying to use) and set it up for me.
I've been able to play with it by moving it around and it's perfect for all my needs.
Very impressive!
Reviews: 1
Although this modul is a free extension, the developer company is very fair. I had no problem with this modul, in fact I needed some changes in files. Developer guys helped me (made it) whithin 24 hour.
Thank You!
Excellent support, nice attitude, exemplary company policy.
Reviews: 13
Does what it promises, thanks for such a good tool, I hope in the future to extend its control panel for novices who do not drive much css, but is very well the delicate and fine style.
Reviews: 7
This worked straight away, saved me lots of time, and made my day !
Reviews: 3
Nothing to say, easy, stylish, working, vertical and horizontal, just great
Reviews: 3
Great easy to use menu,
I had a problem with the position of the menu and received great assistance!

Thank you for a great product!
Reviews: 2
This module did exactly what it says it does. It's very easy to implement and has a good amount of options. Their support is great. They'll work with you on any issue you have and are great about getting back to you quickly. I'm a total noob with Joomla, but this extension was extremely easy to implement.

Highly recommended.
Reviews: 8
I have used several of Artetics extensions and this one does not disappoint. Great built in design but also quite simple to modify to any size, color, design. I needed some help finding where to make one change and they were back with me in minutes to help sleuth the problem.
Reviews: 24
Beautiful Module it works as a charm but

1. Why not an option to open submenu to right or left instead of only to the right?

2. Why not length options?

With these two more options it would quite perferct and rewiew it 5 stars!
Owner's reply

These are the questions of CSS.
Please contact us by email and we will will be happy to advise CSS changes for you.

Reviews: 2
This menu is by far the most attractive to use on a website, but...the menu disappears behind images or tables in the body of the web page. I should not have to rearrange my site because of a menu. I have been to forums and they did not really help.
Owner's reply

Please contact us by email and we will try to solve this for you.

Reviews: 1
thanks for this great menu module. I received very fast and effective support on my theme choice problem.
Would be great to have more themes to choose in the future releases...
Thanks :)
Reviews: 13
Thanks a lot for this module, it's working nice without conflicts with others scripts. (a little miracle in my case).

For the suggestions, I agree with the first review, and I add this :

1/ In "Vertical" and "Sliding" mode, would be cool if the height of the module could change in realtime to adapt itself when there's a lot of menus items, in order to avoid the vertical scrollbar. (hope I'm clear...).

Good works !
Reviews: 6
Brilliant realization! Really easy to run on your web-site! Simply change the module that display your menus from Joomla’s to “Art Wijmo Menu” and voila – it works! And look fantastic.
It was important for me that menu module works correct with tree-menu (parent/child). And this component does this task great! So you continue to work with Joomla’s menus but finally you obtain so nice results with “Art Wijmo Menu”! Thanks for developers!
Reviews: 3
One of just two non-commercial menus for J1.6, and works great. There was a (obviously) small problem at first with the J1.6 version, but after I reported it to the forum, I had my answered in less then an hour, and received a new version shortly after. So, great menu, and even better support. I do my styling in CSS anyway, but a sugesstion for improvement would probably be some color configuration at the backend.
Reviews: 5
Well, I tried many menu systems (most of which had excellent reviews), but none worked for me. I was starting to loose hope before trying this out. It works like a charm, and is by far the most simple of all the menus I tried!
Two things would make it perfect:
1) Linkable parent menu items (not just linkable sub menu items)
2) Basic customization options from the back side (e.g. color of menu items, background, etc).

Many thanks!
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