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DJ-Menu Popular Module

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DJ-Menu is a suckerfish menu with animated mootools effects now for Joomla 3.0!

Responsive ready - works with mobile devices as Select Menu!

Now, you can easily manage whether the menu is animated or just scriptless css drop-down.

This menu has the unique feature preventing your submenus to open beyond your site's width!


* vertical transition at first level yes/no
* horizontal transition at first level yes/no
* fade effect at first level yes/no
* vertical transition at other levels yes/no
* horizontal transition at other levels yes/no
* fade effect at other levels yes/no
* transition effect
* effect duration
* delay time before close submenu
* menu name
* include default CSS yes/no
* enable effects yes/no
* wrapper id

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Reviews: 16
I was looking for a free responsive menu module and this one is prefect!
It would be though to be able to customize to module directly from the backend
Thanks a lot DJ!
Reviews: 3
Nice to see it. Easy to Install complikate to use. Problems when you want Another colors.
Responisive is right and that´s great.
So it´s a good Menu
Reviews: 1
Easy to install it and easy to use. Also a great supporting
Reviews: 2
It is difficult to change the style of the drop-down menu. You must know CSS. Also, I don’t like the whole djmenu.css & djmenu_fx.css. It seems there should be a more elegant way to code this.
Reviews: 2
Found this to be a brilliant menu system a nice mix between the conventional drop down & a mega menu. When I tested it on our site I found a conflict between that & some modules already on the web site. Contacted support & it was resolved very fast, it ended up being a clearing fix conflict between the menu module & the artisteer template. Highly recommended :)
Reviews: 8
Very simple to set up and works perfectly in Firefox, Chrome, Safari and IE. Opera doesn't appear to support the submenus but I can live with that.
Reviews: 3
The earlier menu was having problems of Jquery clash and IE display on the home page, this menu was very easy to install / customize and solved my problems... thanks for a nice menu.
Reviews: 3
I have really enjoyed using this menu system on a number of sites now, so happy I really felt it was worth while paying tribute here with a good review. I find it very easy to customise, it has great animation effects, depreciates well and its free too...seriously you cant go wrong and after trying all leading menu systems for J!1.6+ this is a clear winner for me.
Reviews: 5
Really good and niece looking, thanks a lot
Reviews: 2
Strict with good taste! Very Good! Thank U!
Reviews: 7
Most of my Joomla projects have your extension installed. Well done, and keep you great work, friend ;)
Reviews: 2
In a migration process from 1.5 to 1.7 I moved from Extended Menu to DJ-Menu and it worked instantly. The accompanying CSS should be copied to the template folder and can then be edited. This CSS code is very easy to read and edit. Thanks a bunch!
Reviews: 3
I tried several other menus and this one worked instantly. The CSS was clear and easy to manipulate to suit my own design. Looks great and the drop downs work great as well.
Thanks to the developer for making a easy to use product for Joomla.
Reviews: 4
After getting frustrated with beez20 turning my mainmenu in top module in a mess I discovered this module to use with a different template. It solved my problem and I am surprised that there only 4 reviews for it. I made it my mission to write a review and this is my first ever review in this forum. The popular ari extension did not work with my chosen template so there is no reason for this module not to be popular. Install it and have so many drop down submenus where ever you want. Works flawlessly. If you are a beginner like me and are after a top drop down main menu forget about beez20.
Reviews: 2
I spent ages trying to find a mega menu that would display exactly as my client needed, during the development this module was released. It is a great module.
Reviews: 1
Awesome, easy and FREE!

This is the best menu I found.

I can modify the look for you.
Reviews: 4
This is your basic dropdown menu with mootools special fx. If you're happy mucking about with some simple CSS and images then this one is a delight to work with, is very straightforward and behaves nicely in the browsers I tested (FF, IE7/8, Chrome). If you're looking for a dropdown 2 column menu try DJ-MultiTreeMenu - same excellent functionality. And it's really free.
Reviews: 5
Using Joomla 1.5 - my favorite module was the Joomla Superfish module for my drop-down menus.
To anyone who loved Superfish, you are going to love using DJ Menu.

I like the fact that I can write my own CSS code for it without having to depend on the back end.
I especially love the fact that the animations are simple, with no unnecessary frills to worry about.

Even more important is how it's displayed both front-end and back.
What displays in code view is not a bunch of nonsense like most other drop-downs you see with J1.6. that try to cross promote the developer or add hidden backlinks.

The end result of this product is perfect! Joomla FINALLY has an answer to replacing the SuperFish module- it's called "DJ-MENU" and it works GREAT!