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Extended Menu Popular Module

This menu module offers almost all features of the mainmenu module plus many many more.... Like:
- CSS- Menu with Sub-Menues
- patTemplate support
- split the menu up (e.g. sub-navigation on the side)
- navigate through sections, categories, content items (you can even make it expand regular section/category link menu items)
- plugin support (load menu items from a custom database table or create complex views)
- use one of the available menu templates (mainly based on other great resources like the suckerfish CSS menu, an accessible dTree menu, mountain-top rounded corners...) or create/modify your own menu template (you may want to make this one then available to others).

(please see the homepage for more details)

Just an additional note as some may misunderstand some things about this module:
- it main emphases is not to make it simpler than the built in mainmenu but add some more possibilities and sacrifices some simplicity for flexibility (separate sub modules could probably be created to overcome this)...
- those are mainly focused on giving the web developer/designer the possibility to create standard based web sites (menu wise)
- that is to be able to separate structure (HTML) from design (CSS)
- for integration, design and other reasons this is not a component but just a module with it's limitation
- (a required step may not be required for a later Joomla version)

This may help your decision:
- don't use this module if you don't need/want any of it's additional features
- don't use it if you are not sure what HTML/CSS is and you actually don't care about web standards (accessibility etc.)
- if you desperately want JavaScript/Flash effects other menu modules may suit you better (even though possible there is not a lot effort put into making such easier)
- otherwise just check it out.. it depends on your knowledge, preferences and what you actually want to archive

Note: Unfortunately I can't reply to comments. If you believe there is a bug or it is not working as advertised then please do contact me or raise an issue in the bug tracker.
e.g. this module is compatible with Joomla 1.7 since the snapshot version 2011-11-10.
(1.0.6 on the other hand was not compatible)

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Reviews: 9
I've been using this extension in every site I made for a few years now. Its the only way to get your dropdown menu on the page while validating and being accessable.
fantastic work! good config!
Reviews: 2
I tried every single add-on purporting to work in J! 1.5 Legacy and got error messages or they were inappropriate for my needs. All I wanted was a simple horizontal text menu which I could set a few parameters for and guess what? This Module delivered and some!

Although advertised as working in the older version of Joomla!, I was pleasantly surprised when I installed and configured this extension to find it embedded seemlessly without any error messages and provide exactly what I was looking for. Very easy to configure and with a multitude of changeable parameters, it would surely fit the needs of website owners more often than not.

So, we have a situation here where some developers are stating that their Menu systems are compatible with J! 1.5 Legacy (when they clearly aren't) and an older Menu system that makes no such claims but actually works in the laets version of Joomla! The irony of it, eh?

Anyhow, I highly commend the developer for producing a Module that can withstand the test of technological changes in Joomla! software.

If the developer is reading this, you may want to check this out so that you don't undersell yourself and your excellent Module.
Reviews: 1
Very flexible, CSS based menus system.
Reviews: 2
With over 40+ configuration options, it really makes it difficult to understand at first. Still, it's a great extension once you figure it out. I continue to use it for all my sites.
Reviews: 1
If you already have css in your template for a drop down menu simply slot this module in where your menu was and it will pick it up.

If you haven't designed/developed the template from scratch yourself you will probably want to give this a miss.

After trying to use many of the other drop down menus on a clients website with little to no luck I tried this and it just worked. Again, I already had CSS to handle drop down menus in place from pre-joomla development of the template and the module worked perfectly.
Reviews: 1
Very nice module.anybody can create very nice good looking menu by using this module.

Reviews: 1
As me, i do not know any code but Extended Menu is a Modulo to fit when it have to go. Just be sure you get the last version and go. I never before get a horizontal menu and now mine first one here. Thank so much.
Reviews: 2
This is a great versatile menu. If you have knowledge of css, then its going to be perfect for you. I highly recommend it.
Reviews: 8
Well, it let me split my menus, and in doing so manage my entire site through just mainmenu, which is a joy!

Now, the menu on the left of my site (Extended Menu, showing mainmenu) shows up the children of the parent link at the top of the site (regular Joomla mainmenu).

You just set it to use split menus, and start at child level 1, not go further than level 1, and only show the children of a particular parent (works by name, and is case sensitive, so remember that if you change the parent menu item names!).

I do then have to go into modules and tell it to only show each Ext Menu on the corresponding page - this is a pain if you are often adding content.

I would LOVE a menu system that automatically picked up the children to show in a split menu depending on which parent item was chosen on another menu... possible? Might be with this if I look hard enough!

Thanks for the hard work!
Reviews: 1
As other's have noted the documentation can make this module somewhat frustrating. I put most of this down to my being an American and the author being German. There are two terrif reasons to use this tool
1) Ability to have "split menus" This means that you can have one menu dependent on selection of another. For instance as uses select items from the horizontal menu at the top a left side menu can be configured to show the sub elements for that selection.
2)Drop down menu's without javascript (almost). This tool makes suckerfish CSS menus a snap. For more on drop down menus see:,22023.0.html
A real time saver and worth some experimentation to figure out what it does.
Reviews: 2
Pros: excellent modual, simple to use.
Cons: Not IE6 (or earlier) compatible. (opens all sub-menus)
Reviews: 1
I use Extended Menu to generate a treeview. Since the generated HTML is very basic and smart laid out I added a couple of css rules and a javascript file to make the content item list popup when hovering the categories. Since the menus are now entirely dynamic my workload has significantly dropped. Simple a great module.
Reviews: 1
This is the best menu system for Joomla. Plenty of options and easy templating. Of course needs some knowledge about CSS but ... CSS is basic :)
Reviews: 2
This isn't the easiest extension to work with, but its output can be used to make a great horizontal or vertical css-only suckerfish menu!

I tried it a year ago, and my knowledge was insufficient to get it working properly (as a suckerfish menu) but upon second try, it worked great!
Reviews: 1
Extend menu is a great module to manage the menu system in Joomla.
With extend menu you can hide the HOME link (the home page link generally is the logo), you can also split the menu system from any level.
Reviews: 4
This is a extension with a fairly steep leaning curve that repays you many times over for the time spent.

So far, I have been able to build a drop-down suckerfish menu (with a little help from my friends), child menus directly from other menus and section/category menu items all from the same extension.

This is a truly amazing extension that you only appreciate when you work with it.
Reviews: 1
This module seems to be great, but the documentation is so poor (or maybe just dry and unorganized) for it to be usable, even if you have more advanced coding ability. This is to the point I cant use it.
Reviews: 2
Is just fit that I need for my site. No problem with configuration.
Reviews: 1
Here are what I found using this module.

It can show unpublished categories and hide published. For no visible reason.

And it is EXTREMELY difficult to configure the module itself. Tooltips explain nothing.

Above described problems anything that offers this module is excellent.
Reviews: 1
I tried a couple of other alternatives such as FWSubmenu (which is not bad). However this does kind of leave them in the dust. Lots and lots of options. If you want to have a drill down type site also complimented by a drop down menu somewhere else, this is a great solution for that.
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