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Extended Menu Popular Module

This menu module offers almost all features of the mainmenu module plus many many more.... Like:
- CSS- Menu with Sub-Menues
- patTemplate support
- split the menu up (e.g. sub-navigation on the side)
- navigate through sections, categories, content items (you can even make it expand regular section/category link menu items)
- plugin support (load menu items from a custom database table or create complex views)
- use one of the available menu templates (mainly based on other great resources like the suckerfish CSS menu, an accessible dTree menu, mountain-top rounded corners...) or create/modify your own menu template (you may want to make this one then available to others).

(please see the homepage for more details)

Just an additional note as some may misunderstand some things about this module:
- it main emphases is not to make it simpler than the built in mainmenu but add some more possibilities and sacrifices some simplicity for flexibility (separate sub modules could probably be created to overcome this)...
- those are mainly focused on giving the web developer/designer the possibility to create standard based web sites (menu wise)
- that is to be able to separate structure (HTML) from design (CSS)
- for integration, design and other reasons this is not a component but just a module with it's limitation
- (a required step may not be required for a later Joomla version)

This may help your decision:
- don't use this module if you don't need/want any of it's additional features
- don't use it if you are not sure what HTML/CSS is and you actually don't care about web standards (accessibility etc.)
- if you desperately want JavaScript/Flash effects other menu modules may suit you better (even though possible there is not a lot effort put into making such easier)
- otherwise just check it out.. it depends on your knowledge, preferences and what you actually want to archive

Note: Unfortunately I can't reply to comments. If you believe there is a bug or it is not working as advertised then please do contact me or raise an issue in the bug tracker.
e.g. this module is compatible with Joomla 1.7 since the snapshot version 2011-11-10.
(1.0.6 on the other hand was not compatible)

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Reviews: 1
I really like Extended Menu! But.....
I'm already preparing to upgrade to joomla 1.5 so I won't have too much work left when the stable version is released.

Extended Menu is not (yet) compatible with Joomla 1.5 :-(

Question for the developer: when will it be??
Reviews: 1
Compared to many open source projects, Daniel has done fine job on documentation. Some coding knowledge is required to get maximum benefit from this tool but once you master the fine points this module will give you unmatched power and flexibility.
Reviews: 1
dig. all i wanted was a menu module that orders the items as nested list items. this did as much and nothing more, which is awesome. i love having the leeway to set up the design and markup my way and, though it has features i never use, this certainly allows for that.

now if i could figure out how to create multiple instances of it.
Reviews: 4
Use this menu when you need to customize your menu in any way at all. Took some time to get an understanding on PatTemplate, but it really is customizability to the max!

My thanks to the developer
Reviews: 1
I really needed to extend the functions of the Joomla menu system. I've recently taken over a site with a dhtml menu system and it was driving the users crazy, they hate it. I currently have three sites and was looking for a solution that would fit all three. This seemed to be the answer to my problems. I downloaded it, the install went perfect, then i went to work on the set up. That is where the problems began. is there such a thing as to many
features? This module has settings for everything but the kitchen sink. that would not normally be a bad thing, most are very useful, and many were exactually what i need. but the implementation of them is way to complex. even after hours of working with the menus i still could not get a simple menu to fit into any of my templates. so far i have yet to achieve even one of the effects that are shown on the demo site. at this point i don't believe i ever will either, simply because at one point the menu simply disappeared and i cant seem to find it. its just gone. no matter how many times i move it,publish, unpublish, and redo the settings its just hiding somewhere.
while i would not recommend this to anyone it has great potential, it looks like a huge amount of work has been done, and im looking forward to a stable release. this one is most definitely not stable.
one thing that does have me both confused and amused at the same time is the fact that in selection box for the menu type it says "horizontal(not recommended)" "vertical(not recommended)" and there is another option that is not recommended. lets see, if the developer doesn't recommend these options, what does he recommend? all my other menus use one of those options. perhaps im missing out on a new fad, disappearing diagonal menus. :)
whats more confusing then the module is the fact that this is an editors pick. how? why?
Reviews: 1
I was simply looking for a way to style my menu items individually without having to wade through confusing admin interfaces and javascript settings of many DHTML menus out there. This module allowed me to do just that with the click of a button. Obviously I am not using any of the more advanced features, but for my needs, this was what I needed. Thanks!
If ever I decide not to use this in the future, my original menus will remain in tact as they are simply being referenced by this code.
Reviews: 1
Daniel has created a stable, well thought out package for designers with the Extended Menu system. Apart from the obvious usability and accessibility benefits that this menu system brings, it is a breeze to set up and customise.
Reviews: 2
I wonder how this product can be hot.

It's so difficult to understand its parameters that you can use it just if you apply its default settings.

If you just change 1 setting you mess up the whole site.

This product is really orrible and I keep it in my installation because I purchased a template that use extended menu.
Reviews: 1
It needs more documentations to exploit all features but It dose what I needed with basic configuration.

I have a main navigation menu that displays the my sections and I wanted a secondary navigation menu to show, as a title, the active category and links to my content items but only content items on that category.

Because I have some sections with 3 levels and some with 2 levels I have two instances of this module running with diferent configurations and any new content (and even category) added to my site automatically displays on the menus.

With traditional menu I could have similar funtion using Table-Content Category Items on the main menu, but I needed the content items of the selected category displayed as an other menu, not in the content`s place.

As you can see my English it's not really good but I wanted to rate this module.
Reviews: 1
Trying to make dtree work has been a nightmare! In the end I just went with another option.

The author has put a lot of effort in this plugin, but unfortunatelly it seriously lacks in documentation, if you try to understand what the info boxes tell you inside the configuration options of the module then I suggest you try your abilities at MENSA!

And if I am not mistaken the only help desk resides at a very long thread in this site's forums.

It really needs better documentation.
Reviews: 1
I just love this module. I quickly came to the limits of the normal joomla mainmenu module. But with the template feature of extended menu i can over come all problems i have with a normal menu.

+ patTemplate
+ attach it to menus, sections, categories
+ unfold categories, articles
+ remove the first lnk from am menu, only show the second level of the active menu and on and on
+ devide one menu into multiple modules
+ more CSS Classes and if you write your own template you can do anything.

- patTemplate can't use PHP (not really a ext menu problem)
- The unfolding of sections, categories and articles is buggy.

As the developer wrte above this is not easy to pic up. But if you know what you are doing this is the best!

But i hope its still developed as there are no updates for i believe more than 6 Months.
Reviews: 2
menu does not seems to be working in IE7 correctly, needs a little bit tweaking, probably they are already working on it .
Reviews: 1
Thank you so much! I have other php programs running and couldn't use the standard menus to link to them. This mod installed easily and runs PERFECTLY!
Reviews: 2
Pros -- Powerful, versatile. Some very good code in places.

Cons -- Terse documentation leaves out critical details. Module setup screen is huge and confusing. Inconsistent implementation of menu functionality across the various menu types. dTree menu setup is 'magic': arcane, badly documented, easy to screw up and hard to understand.

Summary -- Extended Menu generates many questions and few answers on the Joomla forums.
* If you are a beginner, and one of the examples is exactly what you want, you have a fair chance of success, unless it is the dTree menu.
* If you are an advanced developer, the cost of modifying the module to get exactly what you want is almost equal to the cost of building it yourself from scratch.
If you are one of the few who can make it work, more power to you. The many who can't should look elsewhere.
Reviews: 4
I was struggling to get my menu to display the content items without displaying each section title. Well, this module did the trick!

Excellent Module!
Reviews: 2
Shouldn't have followed the herd on this one. It works for basic menuing, but then there are much leaner extensions to handle the simple stuff (this extension has a LOT of files).

If you try to use any of its advanced features it quickly breaks down. For example, it does not reliably split the parent menu and child menus apart. Instead it loses child menu items. It seems like the longer the URL of the child menu, the more chance there is that it will be lost.

I spent two days trying to debug this piece of code-bloat, but there are simply too many files and too few comments to do that.
Reviews: 4
After playing with it for less than an hour I think it's a great extension. Yep, will take a while to figure it all out and I'm not ready to go live with what I've go so far, but that's because I have more to learn.

It assumes a good knowledge of underlying technologies. I can see I need to bone up on advanced CSS and get my head around patTemplate. Not unreasonable expectations for anyone claiming to develop advanced interface features, such as this enables.

How about a field on this site for "Required knowledge/skills"? Here's what I'd put for ExtMenu:

Required knowledge: Advanced CSS, patTemplate, mod_mainmenu functions
Reviews: 1
Finally a normal menu system

Pre requisites

I new to Joomla! One week
I new CSS again one week
I have no clue from PHP or 5% idea

BUT this module is great and shout be included in the standard menu manager in Jommla with advance option for all the user how don’t understand CSS or the benefit of the advanced options.

Regards to developer and the editors
Reviews: 4
I'm not dishing this mmwnu; I WANT to use this mod. Since it's release I have made several attempts on various versions of Joomla, on various Domains and various servers. I've even previously reviewed this mod in conjunction with Joomfish (see site crash in earlier review)

I have developed dozens of Mambo/Joomla Websites and am comfortable creating templates and css files from scratch and modifying snippets of code. I've never gotten this mod to work on any site, and today using Joomla 1.09 is no exception.

Everyone seems to rave about this menu, and I still want to use it, but at this point how much time should one spend when the LX Menu product works so well?

How did this possibly make the Editors Pick?
Reviews: 2
Joomla has been designed, not just for use on peoples fun web sites, but also as a serious competitor for non-open source CMS'. In the corporate world, time is money and often the difference between a paid for product and open source is the level of supporting documentation.

Here is where extended menu is let down. The documentation is there but not well organised. If you are in the same position I was in and need this running, and running fast, follow these steps.

1. Make sure your main menu is complete, with your entire heirarchy filled out.
2. Download and install this module.
3. Open the module in Joomla! and ensure the setting 'Menu Name' is set to main menu.
4. Publish the extended menu
5. Ensure it is positioned in your template, and that the corresponding 'Position' is set in the extended menu module.
6. Go to this web page: and work through the parameters, trying them until you get the desired effect.
7. Go to this page: if you want to do dynamic menus.

It is unfair to expect the developer to produce a product that can be used by people without very good knowledge of XHTML and CSS, as this is not Dreamweaver. If you are not in this position, you really ought to pass this over to the person in your company who is - once the initial work is done, any of your customers (internal and external) need not look at this again and simply worry about adding content. I consider Extended Menu as set and forget at this level.

No amount of silly comments (as below) will help such fantastic open source products as Joomla! compete. Leave these for the trolls in the newsgroups.
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