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Extended Menu Popular Module

This menu module offers almost all features of the mainmenu module plus many many more.... Like:
- CSS- Menu with Sub-Menues
- patTemplate support
- split the menu up (e.g. sub-navigation on the side)
- navigate through sections, categories, content items (you can even make it expand regular section/category link menu items)
- plugin support (load menu items from a custom database table or create complex views)
- use one of the available menu templates (mainly based on other great resources like the suckerfish CSS menu, an accessible dTree menu, mountain-top rounded corners...) or create/modify your own menu template (you may want to make this one then available to others).

(please see the homepage for more details)

Just an additional note as some may misunderstand some things about this module:
- it main emphases is not to make it simpler than the built in mainmenu but add some more possibilities and sacrifices some simplicity for flexibility (separate sub modules could probably be created to overcome this)...
- those are mainly focused on giving the web developer/designer the possibility to create standard based web sites (menu wise)
- that is to be able to separate structure (HTML) from design (CSS)
- for integration, design and other reasons this is not a component but just a module with it's limitation
- (a required step may not be required for a later Joomla version)

This may help your decision:
- don't use this module if you don't need/want any of it's additional features
- don't use it if you are not sure what HTML/CSS is and you actually don't care about web standards (accessibility etc.)
- if you desperately want JavaScript/Flash effects other menu modules may suit you better (even though possible there is not a lot effort put into making such easier)
- otherwise just check it out.. it depends on your knowledge, preferences and what you actually want to archive

Note: Unfortunately I can't reply to comments. If you believe there is a bug or it is not working as advertised then please do contact me or raise an issue in the bug tracker.
e.g. this module is compatible with Joomla 1.7 since the snapshot version 2011-11-10.
(1.0.6 on the other hand was not compatible)

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Reviews: 2
I've been working with Joomla! for a few months now and have found many useful and impressive third party extensions but until now been too lazy/busy to leave a review. This module is fantastic and very powerful indeed. It really is the most impressive and potentially useful extension I've come across to date.

Please ignore previous reviews stating how complicated this module is. Within 5 minutes (literally) of downloading the core module and an example template (the horizontal suckerfish variant) I had a working dropdown menu system on my test site, working perfectly in both Firefox and MS Internet Exploder.

I found everything to be very simple and intuitive, you just need to take 5 minutes out of your day to read the "install" paragraph on the developer's website. The module, however, can get very complicated and in-depth by the looks of it, allowing you to use it as a very powerful and highly customisable tool on any Joomla! website, but to get started it really is very simple.

Highly recommended! I can see myself using this more and more in the future, it's going to be so very useful, no, essential!
Reviews: 1
Great module for creating a site hierarchy through your menus! If you don't know your way around Joomla, then you better start learning before you mess with this module. There is documention to get you started but you will have to get off your lazy butt and test the settings yourself because this thing has lots of features which would take 6 months to document well.
Here are my tips for using this mod if you want a site that is more than two levels deep with breadcrumbs that follow the hierarchy:
- create some simple static pages to cover a few levels deep
- create a menu that has multi-levels (eg. a menu with items that are children of children)
- link the different levels of this menu to your static pages

After you have done this (you do not need the module to get this far) and have something working, then you can start assigning your menu to the extended menu module and playing around with the options. Setting the 'Maximum Depth' to 1 for example will not show sub items in the menu even if you are on a sub item page.

[Get work on this module Daniel!]
Reviews: 2
This is an extended menu component hence is a little complicated for novice users. For those that know their way around Joomla, this module is very powerful. The ability to style each menu item is fantastic, as is the hide the "home" item feature.
Reviews: 5
i really ask myself why this would be an editors pick... only reason i can imagine is that there is not much else...
i think it is uncomfortable.. poorly integrated and confusing ... not intuitive at all and poor options in the backend.. everything has to adjusted from outside by uploading extras and editing and merging .css files and so on and so on...
all that rave --- for nothing-- sorry.. a long way to go for that module... best to integrate it with a extra component like the swfreemenu in the future...
Reviews: 2
I installed this module after all the rave reviews and thought that it would answer all my problems (as I really want to advoid Jscript).

Sadly it is not easy and very complex if you want to use it to make drop down menu's! I took a look at the demo site which seems to be the project site and became even more confused. Very quickly.

If someone can post some easy steps to get drop down menus going with this module then please do. But I will not try to muck around with it as if my users can't do it then what's the point of it being there.

All in all not for amatuers.
Reviews: 1
There is a temporary solution to get working with Joomfish:

in menu.menuloader.class.php, line 52, change the following:
global $mosConfig_lang, $mosConfig_mbf_content;

// global $mosConfig_lang, $mosConfig_mbf_content;

The fix is from Daniel himself, and it should be working now...

I believe he will soon be posting the update of to resolve this conflict. is still the best menu enhancement system for Joomla!
Reviews: 4
I've been reading all the rave reviews and have been anxious to test this component. I downloaded it today and installed it to a site with Joomfish. When I published the Ext menu module, my website main menu would not load, an error reported an issue in the joomfish code. I un-installed the joomfish, un and re-installed the ExtMenu. The error message was different and NOTHING would load. I re-installed joomfish (even though I am not using it)and unpublished the ExtMenu. My site is back up. I'm still very anxious to test ExtMenu. I just wanted everyone to know of the potential Joomfish conflict.
Reviews: 1
Extended Menu it's simply the most easy and complete menu system, covering all experience levels.
So, if you are just stepping in, and need a easy way to tweak your menues, or even you're a CSS guru in the quest for the Holly Grial, Extenden Menu will fullfill your needings.
Reviews: 1
For me, the most valuable option of this module is to expand a menu partially. Furthermore, the different implemented menusformats make the module very versatile. It's the most valuable module for me so far!
Reviews: 1
The extended menu simply rules. Hope this extension will heavily influence the core menus in future versions of joomla.
Reviews: 3
If you like to remove javascript code from menu this component is for you.
Great flexibility, tons of options.
If you can tune it not by visual way (by css and templates) - you should like it!
Reviews: 2
Extended menu helps you achieve pure CSS driven menus by publishing both parent and submenus as a CSS flat list, something not possible with default Joomla.

Any CSS menu is possible, just nip over to Listamatic and find a drop down menu, what ever you need and use the example code.
Reviews: 19
This module is for me an essential Joomla add-on. I install it on all the sites i create. It takes some effort to learn it, but once you understand the structure you can do allmost anything with it. And Daniel, the developer, gives great support.
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