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IceMegaMenu ModulePlugin

Bugs Fixed [11 June 2013]

- Fixed dropdown issue when there is no space on the right, then appear on the left.
- Added "Clean" theme.
- Added "Vertical" theme.

3.0.1 Stable Release [29-APRIL-2012]

- fixed dropdown issue when there is no space on the right,
then appear on the left

- added "clean" theme

3.0.0 Stable Release

The most robust joomla menu module that support multi-level dropdown, modules inside dropdown and it is fully responsive as well.

The IceMegaMenu module was almost completely modified to suit the changed of the new Joomla 3.0 version. We are proud to say that now our IceMegamenu module is working fantastically without JavaScript (only CSS). This translates for you into a faster loading website.

Of course, the most amazing feature is that the IceMegaMenu is fully responsive. Simply resize your browser window and see the magic. Your visitors browsing your Joomla website from a smartphone of tablet will see a completely other version of the menu, completely adapted for this kind of devices.

Another important feature is the ability lo load modules inside the dropdown. This feature can become very handy. For example you may put the login form inside the dropdown and make this task very convenient for your website visitors.

So, if you have just begun working with Joomla 3.0 and you are looking for a megamenu module that needs to be responsive then look no further. Our new IceMegamenu will do its job perfectly.

Unique Features
- Choose your desired style from a list of pre-built module themes
- Fully Responsive (works on mobile devices)
- Split exactly the way your require the dropdown by having total control to the full dropdown width, to each column width and the number of menu items to display to each column
- Ability to load any Joomla Module to the dropdown by selecting either from the Module Name of from the Module Position.

Installation and Documentation is inside the package.

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Reviews: 10
Not sure about the negative reviews. Installed today (21/04/2014) after downloading current files and it works just fine. Certainly works on iOS 7.1 (Safari) and OSX Mavericks (Safari and Firefox).

Easy to alter appearance via the .css files, too :-)

Thank you for a making this available for free :-)
Owner's reply

Thank you for your nice words.

Reviews: 2
I began with the IceFuture template and naturally used the IceMegaMenu. Responsive feature was essential.

Let me begin with saying that I like the look of the menu and it works well ... except for. All was well for the first few weeks that I was developing my site. Then mysteriously the responsive feature stopped working on my iPhone. I didn't know what was causing this and spent a great deal of time trying to resolve it. And I went to Joomla forums and of course the Ice Forum for help. Some replies were totally irrelevant to the problem. Others were promises to look at my backend. Never heard back after that. Then the Ice Team woman said she would get an iPhone and look at it and get back to me the next day. Again, never heard back. I persisted for a lead as to how I could resolve it. After weeks, and much pleading that I had put so much time into it and that I was way past deadline, that I just could not abandon their template. I didn't understand why they seemed to be so uninterested in helping. But they didn't care. Their only response was to DISABLE my account from their board.

Apparently they don't have an answer and don't want to deal with it.
Owner's reply

Hello Morbach,

Thanks for using our extensions.

We would suggest to continue posting at the forums. Our support team will help you. We haven't deleted any accounts so maybe your post was transferred to another section.

Also, please be patient because we offer a few free themes and extensions which have a great number of users and the support queries have been high.

Thank you for understanding.

Warm regards,

Reviews: 35
I found this while looking for a megamenu not built into the framework. This was easy to configure and worked rather well.

The problems I ran into were that I have so many overrides in place that it took me a while to sort out the conflicts (self-inflicted). I also was not able to configure a 3-deep megamenu from just the main menu itself, though creating and loading submenu modules works - a fifth star if this extra feature ever finds its way into this very fine plugin.

A couple other nice plugins and themes on their website, too.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your nice words. Feel free to use the forums for any technical difficulty:


Reviews: 2
Thanks for your work hard. Very easy to use especially the responsive and multi-column features.
Owner's reply

Thank you!

Reviews: 16
has bugs which created 5mb of error log in just 11days... doesn't display menu images.
6 weeks and still no response on menu images issue and dev recommended we HIDE the php errors, NOT fix the issue... STAY AWAY
Owner's reply

Thank you for your feedback.

Please contact us through our Forums for any technical issue. We offer free support for our extensions.


Reviews: 1
Thank you for this awesome module!
Keep the good work!
Owner's reply

Thank you!

Reviews: 1
This is a very good extension. It creates a responsive menu that looks great on both desktops and mobile devices. Works very well on desktops but is not compatible with iPads (drop down menus do not work if the top level menu item is not linked to anything).

Keep up the good work!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your feedback.

We will soon fix it, in the meantime feel free to post at our forum for any difficulties. Here is the link:


Reviews: 2
I have been using this module for a long time now and the latest update and responsive layout made it a super star.

Thanks for the great module.
Owner's reply

Thank you.