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JUX Mega Menu is responsive and the most completed Joomla menu module which allows you to display a ton of content in menu item including text, images, module and articles. Works beautifully with Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x.

JUX Mega Menu is built to not only serve as a powerful Joomla Menu module but also to support your site’s appearance and performance:
• Loads anything: You can put any kind of content to the menu (text, images, modules, articles, videos, etc), it will load them smoothly and scroll down the content very quickly when hovering on.
• Fully controllable in backend: Admin can easily arrange column, change item’s icon, add effect or perform any task with menu without any hiccup. Please visit Demo site to explore more.
• Flexible and easy-to-use: The menu can be displayed vertically or horizontally (or both in the same page). Plus, there’s no coding required to use this menu.
• Ensure great User eXperience: Light, fast, beautiful and with different theme options, JUX Mega Menu protects you site’s UX.
• Responsive Menu: JUX Mega Menu is mobile-ready and works nicely on any mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets.
• CSS3 Mega Menu. Our JUX Mega Menu can run only by CSS3. And you can switch to CSS3 Menu mode by one click.

Most completed Mega Menu:
• Responsive: JUX Mega Menu is fully responsive
• Come with horizontal or vertical version
• Mobile & Tablets compatible!
• Available for Joomla™ 2.5 & Joomla™ 3.x
• Support for Pure CSS Menu (non-JavaScript)
• Modern Sticky Menu (from version 3.1.0)
Easy to use:
• Works out of the box with most Joomla Templates
• No coding required!
Highly Customizable:
• Includes 6 Themes and continue adding
• Supports both Slide and Fade Effects for Sub Menus, or deactivate animations completely
• Choose from Click or Hover Trigger

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Reviews: 1
Works beautifully with Joomla 3

I had an issue with the menu working along with bootstrap carousal.

But with their prompt support the issue was quickly fixed.

Thanks Joomseller
Reviews: 1
This extension is worth every penny. Works great right out of the box. Easy to setup and customize, doesn't slow down the site.

And if you need further support at customizing your menus or at making it work with your other extensions, you'll find fantastic support here, too.

Thank you!
Reviews: 5
I have tried numerous menus but this is the best yet. It looks professional and is easy to configure. I had to contact Support as there was a conflict between my template and Dropdown Mega Menu and they were very efficient in resolving it. I'm already looking forward to the further styles that the developer hopes to add in the future
Reviews: 2
The prompt and courteous support and assistance I have gotten from the developer since working to install this menu has been nothing short of superb. My installation scenario is somewhat tricky, due to the template its going into--so there have been additional tweaks and adjustments that had to be made. The developer has been right there with me, helping to get it all resolved. Separate and apart from that, its really a great menu. After researching several, I settled on this one. So glad I did.
I just recommended another one of joomsellers extensions for a relative's project, and will continue to peruse what else they have available now and in the future.
Reviews: 2
I had a long day yesterday trying to make a certain menu work and couldn't get there. I looked at a dozen commercial solutions and at 4:00 in the morning found your dropdown menu manager. I liked what I saw, (course I was tired too… and desperately wanted a nice menu. So I took a gamble and bought the software, but was too tired to install it... 10 hours later, (few hours sleep and other work) I am again addressing this menu challenge and installed your software with the hopes of having a simple, but elegant drop down horizontal menu. The default settings of the menu from the moment I activated the module and plugin, was exactly what I was looking for! I wasted hours yesterday trying to achieve this. I am so happy with the results, that it is immediately worth the purchase price!
I cannot wait to explore the many other options that this incredible tool offers! I haven't even looked at the settings yet. :)
Of course, now, I will be taking a MUCH closer look at your other products. :)
Reviews: 1
First this is one of the best mega menus out there. Second is the level of support I got. I wanted to move my menu over the banner and went back and forth for a while. But the support was there and helped me get the menu working the way I wanted in no time. Super fast and very knowledgeable. Don't just read this review download it and see for your self.
Reviews: 7
Easy to install and to customize. If you have a question they are quick to respond.
Reviews: 11
Through CSS fully customizable. Works perfect. Like!
Reviews: 2
The great after sales support allowed me to replicate by existing menu structure, with its original background images, and enhance it with this superb dropdown megamenu system. Definitely worth the money.
Reviews: 4
The software does its job very nicely and very reliable and it's very easy to use.

The support is fantastic: Fast and very friendly!
Reviews: 3
do not support RTL but the CSS easy to modify,

the rest is nice,
Reviews: 4
I don't normally recommend purchased modules unless it proves to me they are worthy of my purchase.

So far, this menu proves to be worthy and works as promised with the help of support working countless days and hours to make it work right!

There was a bit of hiccup, but I can see the difficulties of the template css that conflicted with this menu. Overall, support and expertise was most valuable in this purchase. Thank you Loc and the rest of the team!
Reviews: 8
Support is amazing and module looks cool.

I recommand !
Reviews: 1
This is a top menu, userfriendly and with loads of options to meet all needs. I had severe doubts if it would work to replace a menu, the backbone of a template, just like that. And it worked. I had one initial problem and contacted the developer. He solved the issue for me right away and in no time. I absolutely recommend the support, it is excellent. In my tricky case we had to add a new menu position in the template.php. Then it worked out of the box. This definitely is my menu for future projects.
Reviews: 1
The design of this tool is so much better than others out there and I've just begun to take advantage of the customization features offered. The documentation is comprehensive and support is excellent. I'm giving this four stars instead of five because I've had some issues with the menu disappearing when some pages load, but the problem is sporadic and I'm working with the developer to resolve the issues. I expect that it's just a matter of a setting I've forgotten, so I'm not knocking the tool (only my ignorance!)
Reviews: 6
Top of the line menu system. The best part about it is how lightweight the script is. I tried another free megamenu, and the java file was 3 times the size.
Reviews: 46
Wow, this is AweSome
Really great documentation.
Looks stunning and has so many options too.
Documentation is brilliant too, developer has covered just about everything in easy to read format and it all makes sense.
Tons of options for layout of columns.
Outstanding system.
Nice work !!!
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