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HD-DropDownDiv Module

HD-DropDownDIv allows you to display article contents in a "drop down menu" style, allowing you to create complex image laden menus that are not restricted to the standard Joomla menu format.

It was built primarily to make complex "mega-menus" easier to construct and even easier to edit. Amending the content of the drop down is as simple as editing an article via the article manager.

Usually a drop down menu displays a list of links generated by the Joomla menu manager and displayed in the "unordered list" style. However this module displays "divs" of HTML pulled from seperate articles, allowing you to break free of the standard menu format. Therefore the layout in one column could be of a completely different format to the rest.

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you guys are the best, this module is the bomb, you have just solve one issue that was stoping me from goin live thanx guys will send this to a couple of my friends so that you get all the reviews you want.
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I really love this Joomla extension,very nice module, this solved my problem and escaped hardworked to me.