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Smooth MenuMatic Plugin

This is a whole new approach to menu customization! This extension is a plugin (not a module!) that works with native Joomla menu module.

SmoothMenuMatic is a plugin for Joomla 1.6, Joomla 1.7, Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x that uses MenuMatic to modify a Joomla native menu on the frontend. MenuMatic takes a sematic ordered or unordered list of links and uses MooTools to turn it into a dynamic drop down menu system, with enhanced usability and flair. For users without javascript, it falls back on the native Joomla menu module behavior.


• Easy plug and play installation.
• Plugin (not a module!) works with native Joomla! menu module.
• SEO Friendly: Only manipulates existing links, does not generate links with javascript.
• Graceful fallback for JavaScript disabled browsers.
• Multiple horizontal and/or vertical menus simultaneously.
• Individual settings for horizontal and vertical menus.
• Selectable transitions.
• Selectable effects.
• Selectable opacity.
• Lots of administrator options.
• Full individual CSS control for horizontal and vertical menus.
• Language files for en-GB included.
• Uses MooTools Fx.Transitions for effects (no jQ).
• Option to use jQuery.noConflict.
• Uses MenuMatic 0.68.3.
• Released under GPL license.
• Completely free!

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Reviews: 7
This is an Excellent tool...
Easy to handle.
Thanks a lot for your work.
Reviews: 3
Registered here just to say thank you for a great, elegant and simple solution for the missing drop down menu in native templates. Will recommend it for all joomla users! Einat Grafov
Reviews: 1
Great extension does everything i wanted it to but however! it does have a back link in it pointing to a russian template site.

(easily removed in the code) but this is a JED violation and needs to be fixed HOWEVER people dont be put off this really is a good menu system :) So please fix the violation and really like what you did with the plugin :)
Owner's reply

I don't believe your statement is correct. Even if there were an issue like that, here is not the place to deal with it. I do offer free support on my website as time allows.

Reviews: 7
No idea how to use this. No documentation, and the screenshots on the download page are indecipherable at any size.
Owner's reply

Every field in the administrator back end has hover-text fully explaining what it does. Additionally, there are full installation and configuration instructions on the CONFIGURATION tab on the download page. Did you ask for support by posting a comment or by contacting me directly via the contact form? Many questions have been answered already in the comments on the download page. Given all this and the fact that Smooth MenuMatic is free, I feel that your review is rather harsh and unfair. I'm sorry if that does not meet your expectations.

Reviews: 1
Very usefull plugin which extends native menu module. it looks great even with a starting css. A lot of configurable features makes this plugin even more better. In my opinion this plugin must be included to core menu module.
Sorry for my english.
Reviews: 101
This is a neat extension for boosting the main default menu in Joomla. The CSS in my template wasn't fit for the built in joomla menu so as a result I had to do some CSS customization (which is not the owner of this extensions fault). I then wanted to style up the menu which I had troubles with, the owner replied very fast and pointed me in the right direction. I changed the h-nav id to nav which made it easier to customize. Now my menu is working great and looks nice. I also like how this extension is light weight (14 kb).

Thanks for making this, I would recommend this to others.