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JB DropDown Menu for Bootstrap Module

Working with Twitter's Bootstrap, there's a natural requirement to support all framework features.

JB DropDown Menu module displays a menu on the frontend, with the following structure to show the drop down menu with dropdown sublevels:

- Navigation bar (nav class)
-- Dropdown (ul dropdown class)
--- Dropdown Toggle Item (li dropdown-togle class)

The module customizes the native Joomla menu for JBootstrap.

- The module does not load Bootstrap files. They must be provided by the template

Updates in 2.0.0

- Updated to Bootstrap v2.3.2 and Joomla 3.1.5

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Reviews: 2
I rarely review as most solutions work as expected and or require a given amount "tweeking" to get to perform at the level you want.

That being said, I was going crazy looking for a strappy solution that behaved as one would expect, JB Drop Down by Extly installed and worked EXACTLEY as one would expect a strappy menu to work!! great job! and to note, I am using a modified native Joomla 3 Protostar template.
Reviews: 1
I'm very grateful to the developers of this free extension - it was so easy to implement. If you like to make your own templates and not so hot at javascript then this solves a frustrating problem.

Their support was excellent and helpful, even though the problem was a silly error on my part (CSS related)!
Reviews: 106
I am pleased to not only be able to use a boot strap menu as a module, but am able to put 2 of the same modules on the same page. :-D Other cool menu modules out there gave me a lot of fuss when working with doubles.

Anyways, great work. This is one of the best menu modules out there.
Reviews: 1
Thanks for this great extension. It quickly solved all of the searching I was doing trying to figure out how to implement the bootstrap dropdown!
Reviews: 5
I essentially have to agree with the user 'photografx', this should have been implemented in the Joomla! core. Though frontend templates may not necessarily load bootstrap, which is a requirement for this module to work.


- Quick and easy installation, configuration, customizing and finally loading (will not put a load on your server) of the module
- for free
- quick support (for this free extension!)
- ideal for bootstrap based templates
- CSS classes can be added to the module, menu and list elements


- Bootstrap dropdown menu can only show top-level and one level deep

If you have a bootstrap based Joomla! template and you are looking for a swift module with bootstrap layout, this is certainly a good option.

All in all, the extensions delivers what was promised and it does the job well. For that I rate it as 'excellent'.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much!

Reviews: 4
.. what I needed ... and what -in my opinion- should already been integrated in the Joomla Core.

Gives you all the classes you need to make a bootstrap-conform dropdown menu.

Nothing more - nothing less ... :)

Thanxx to the Developers
Owner's reply

Thank you very much!


Reviews: 2
A full evaluation of the extension
Courtesy and Honesty-

Fantastic extension. Did what it said it would.

Pros & Cons of the extension and its performance
Pros- Works.
Cons- None.

Level of support received
- I did not need any support.

Ease of usage and deployment
-Simple to use. Just like making any other menu module.

Purpose of using the extension:
I needed to use the Bootstrap default pill menu look and feel. I was not finding a way to do this with the default core menu so this was a solution for that.

Level of difficulty- Average.

Your experience level with Joomla and web technologies- Advanced User.
Owner's reply

Thank you! We appreciate your review!