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GiMeSpace Bootstrapped Menu Module

The standard Joomla menu does not add the specific bootstrap code to style the menu in Bootstrap style.
This module will add the required code making a menu show correctly with bootstrap.
It supports multi level dropdowns and multicolumn dropdown menus on level 2.
For having multiple columns you need to enable this in the module and have separator menu items in you sub-menu where you want to split the menu to the next column.

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Reviews: 8
Pretty straight forward and easy and quick, if of course you have a bit of know-how on HTML/CSS & Joomla!
Reviews: 1
I used it on the latest Joomla with the bootstruct template and it "works straight from the box". Easy! Excellent!
Reviews: 3
There is very little information provided with this module. You are not told what version of Bootstrap is supports (v2 or v3 - who knows??). Also, there is no documentation on its installation. A real pity, as there is a need to good modules that can seemlessly integrate BS3 navbar into Joomla!3.
Reviews: 106
I've been looking for a module like this for a long time now. Works like a champ, runs like the backend of Joomla 3. Thank you very much for creating this awesome light weight module.
Reviews: 1
Does exactly what it should do, nothing more and nothing less, good work!