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Text Menu FX ModulePlugin

The Text Menu FX can be embedded in any website for free without any Flash knowledge. The overall width and height can be customized up to 1680 x 1050 pixels. The menu can have an unlimited number of text items. Any type of font can be embedded but only any Flash knowledge. You can have multiple menu orientations, text orientations and menu alignment. Any colors can be used for both the text and the item background, and also roll over effects can be applied. Text padding can be specified relative to the item's background, and corner radius. Custom expanding direction for the items and scale ratio. Multiple tween functions and durations can be used for both expanding and color tween effects. Specify in the XML file the URL to go to when clicking an item.

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Reviews: 24
This is beautiful idea of making a menu but what i do not understand and agree are:

1. is not comfortable to copy a folder in the joomla directory.
2. worst of all: everytime one needs to modify the menu one needs to do it at the site of the maker of the extension then download the settings file and uopload at the joomla directory... this is really weird.