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Sexy ImageMenu Module

After Success Image menu we just make new Sexy Image Menu with Extra Ordinary effects. The idea is to have some vertical accordion tabs that slide out when hovering. We will add some CSS3 properties to enhance the looks.

## Sexy and attractive Effect with Different images.
## Set Title / Description and Link for Every 5 menu.
## Amazing lookup and Hover effect with Menu Image with Fading for title and description.
## Dynamic Control over Slide up to 8 Slide you able to set it.
## Set your Menu Horizontal or Vertical Direction.
## Dynamically Control each and Everything From admin panel.

★ UPDaTE1.1:- Jquery / motools Conflict problem fixed.

★ UPDaTE1.2 :-
-> Flicker Problem Fixed.
-> Safari Problem fixed.
-> Jquery Conflict fix code added.
-> Now Autoplay Function available.
-> Auto Play on/off option added.
-> Delay between two slides option added[Apply only if autoplay function on]
-> Sliding Speed Control option added.

★ UPdAtE:-2.0:-
-> Read more Link Expand with full Slide.
-> Accordion Height option added.

★ UPdATE 2.2:-
-> Now you set Images Dynamically 4 to 7 Images.
-> Added Top and Bottom margin Options.
-> Height Option Error Corrected.

★ UPdATE 2.3:-
-> More Link text able to change dynamically.
-> Style settings added now change color and size for any text.
-> Font Family option added.

★ UPdATE 2.5:-
-> Now its Support Vertical Direction too Enjoy with it.

★ UPDATE 4.0 ( Latest Stable Release )
-> Now its supported Responsive behaviour and working Responsive way with Mobile / tablet and Desktop.


You have any problem or questions regarding our Extensions please create support ticket here :

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Reviews: 3
Great looking menu module, very easy to set up. Good support.
Reviews: 2
Very nice extension and Excellent Service.
I had conflict with my template and the PulseExtension Tech helped me out. Thanks again. I must say the support is very healful
Reviews: 1
This menu looks brilliant and works fine. The support is excellent.
The Sexy Menu is a good investment. :)
Reviews: 15
This module looks awesome and very easy to install. I'm glad I made the investment. Also the service these guys provide is awesome. Previous experience, (pre-and after sales) were quick and they were very helpful.
Reviews: 2
This module practically set itself up. Very easy and intuitive. My client loved it. I've asked the support team to help me with adjusting the gradation of the images. Would be nice to have that as a field within the set-up parameters.
Reviews: 4
I found this module very easy to install and the support team are very efficient and replied within the hour.

Thanks again for another great module!
Reviews: 2
The module is incredible becaus it's not a flash module, it's work on smartphone. It's very easy to configure and very nice looking.
Reviews: 1
Really very nice menu. Easy to install and great look! It gives a profesional look to my site. Thanks!
Reviews: 2
Very easy to use which is what I need. Really enhances my pages. Well done and thanks.
Reviews: 1
Very nice menu. It was easy to install and it looks great! It really added a lot to my site. Had one little issue that might have just been a user error, when I adjusted the width parameters, one of the menu items was deleted or hidden. Over all, though, I am very happy with this menu. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
very simple to use, fast to install, a bit of a problem with autoplay function...friendly and efficient support team...would be great if there were more choice/flexibility in number of menu a whole a great extension, definitely recommend it
Reviews: 9
This menu looks very good and works fine. Payment process - ok, no installation issues.
Reviews: 1
Great extension! Simple to use, and it looks hot.
Reviews: 4
After searching for hourse for a non-flash-based image slider I could use as a menu, I finally settled on Sexy Image Slider as the cleanest and most elegant. Well, I had a bit of trouble purchasing the module because I work for a large development company and we don't use a Paypal account - but the guys at Pulse Extensons took care of that in a couple of hours and I got the module. As for the module: it took only a few minutes to set up and it worked exactly as advertised, integrating perfectly with my site (after some custom css styling of course). The best part is that we develop sites in Joomla so our clients can run the sites themselves. The Sexy Image Module couldn't be easier for our clients to use, allowing them to update their own text, links, and images. They love it, and we love that. Thanks to the guys at Pulse Extensions, and keep up the excellent work!
Reviews: 6
Visually appealing, easy to set up - made a terrific addition to the website - my client was bowled over!! Enhancements would include the ability of the user to alter the number of panels. The developer offered to make some changes in the code to customize it for me, but it would make sense to be able to do this in the module parameters.

It was also easy to modify the module css to change the text appearance and position.

Slight "flicker" problem withe the fifth panel - developers are working on a fix.

Support has been great - I'd like to recommend this extension to everyone...but then my site wouldn't stand out from the crowd!!
Owner's reply

Our team trying to give more and more flexibility for users but here some sensitive problem's on little change so we not gave some option but as soon we will give more options from our Side , thanks for your co-operation.

Reviews: 3
This Menu is very nice and good-looking and easy to install.

It would be nice to have more features to configure this module more detailled.

As well it would be great to have more possibilities on the Menue (for example: Menu left/right, Styles). Especially for templates with a fixed size it would be nice to adjust the plugins via the backend.
Reviews: 1
This really nice module was fairly easy to configure. Had a Java error, requested support, and was send a replacement file the next day which worked beautifully. Thanks for a great module and excellent support!
Reviews: 2
I always spending a lot time to have a good looking for my website and specially my front page and also visitors can use it easily.
Sexy Image menu is a good solution for both, with pictures, descriptions and links i could have a nice front page and also visitors can use most important menus easily.
Also a good support will help me to run it easily too. recommended %100
Reviews: 2
The script works with jquery and mootools + jquery generate a conflict. Other mootools-modules do not run with jquery on my site.
The support has needed 10 minutes to repair the problem. Very well.

I have received a new version. Now everything functions. Thanks.
Reviews: 1
This is a very eye-catching menu device. I struggled a bit with the configuration, but the online support was very reactive and quickly assisted in making the module fit right into my site. Future considerations might include the ability to add or subtract the number of menu items. As it is now, the only option is 5.
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