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Ninja Simple Icon Menu Module

Icon Menus Just Got Simple

Ninja Simple Icon Menu will help you quickly set up a menu system that simply uses icons. This module is about as simple as it gets to set up.

Simply install the module, pick your images from a drop-down and publish the module.

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Reviews: 1
Thank you for your plug-in, I want to write more, but unfortunately, I only a little English, some words I don't know how to write
Reviews: 31
Excellent and Unique, Yeah Perfect Module , it does give you a chance to enhance your website layout and look ,,keep it up,,i wish ya more success on your extensions :) ;)

Best Regard
Reviews: 3
This extension did precisely what it said it would :) I am very pleased. I have one minor issue, but I'm awaiting a response from their developers on their forum :)
Reviews: 16
Simple, effective and highly adaptable for its simplicity. What more could you ask for? TY to the developer!
Reviews: 3
The only thing I would change is to add an option of roll-over image. I'm really missing the hover and click option changes.
Reviews: 4
All i can say is "WOW", This extension is outstanding and easy to configure.. Thumbs up to the Developers
Reviews: 1
It does exactly what it says. For me is very useful and easy to configure.
Reviews: 15
Works great, easy to add own icons.
Thanks for making this free!

lets you build your fancy menu in minutes :)

Only thing i can come up with is that it would be nice to have some mouse over effect on the text or icons.
Reviews: 1
This breaks a lot of imaginative hurdles. Now my site looks real good. Thank you Ninja.
Reviews: 3
Wow this is a "must have" extension if you wanna do your site pretty!
i couldn't believe to my eyes when i see this module free, thank you very very much and keep up the excellent job!!!
Reviews: 1
this is the best menu i ever saw but i have only one question how can i reduce the space between horizontal icons ? or enlarge it?
Reviews: 1
Very nice and usefull module but I think it would be excellent if it could give the possibility to set the image source path and to select links for each menu dynamically (as article or modules etc.).
Good Work!
Reviews: 3
I love this module. It displays a really nice icon menu and lets me use my own icons easily.

My only wish is that I could select menu items from a dropdown menu instead of having to go copy and paste the new URL every time I change a menu item.

Not a deal breaker...I still give it 5 stars.
Reviews: 5
As promised this module is easy to use, and not that they're required but it does include clear instructions.

The module does everything it promises and was very useful on my site as an easy to manage sponsors link table.

Thanks for the module, keep up the good work.
Reviews: 3
Its fully fulfill what has promised. Very easy to use even for a not developer like me, with a little bit of curiosity one can work the css directly.
A extension like this one has great potential. But please keep it simple. Everyone is thankful, and willing to to pay, when does not have to read 20 pages handbook, after paying 20 buck, and the handbook if full of assumptions of things you should know.Ninja is exact the opposite to all that. plug and play... Great extension
Reviews: 1
This is a simple yet elegant way of displaying a menu. I can think of only one drawback. It is so well made that it is going to be too popular. This excellent extention is only surpassed by the support you get from the guys at ninjaforge. A job WELL DONE
Reviews: 8
This is an outstanding module which must be set as an example to what modules should be like, i.e, simple to use yet with powerful capabilities.

- choose an icon (easily upload yours if you want)
- paste a link
- give it a title
- choose a position for the module - publish

and your site will become totally visual as much as you want!

Well done and thanks a lot. I'm totally in love with this module! Keep it going :)
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review, aalfouzan. We're glad you like Ninja Simple Icon Menu.

You'll be happy to know that we will begin porting it to Joomla 1.6 soon :)

As always, your feedback is highly appreciated.

Reviews: 1
Congrats for this simple and useful extensions. Just a question, when I click on one menu-button, is a possibility to link on a popup ? In fact I want to open a popup with a mp3 flash player ( it's important that the mp3player is in a popup because i want the music everywhere on the website ). Thank you to answer :)
PS : sorry about my poor English
Reviews: 1
Does and looks exactly how it's supposed to. Easy install and great support at the forum, no way you go wrong with this extension.

Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 1
The name should've been Excellent Icon Menu if you ask me :)

Installation is real fast and easy, just use module install within Joomla.
Many Customizing options once installed, you can even link a .js to a Icon button, and since recently you can also you put a 'Onclick' action on a Icon button to process.

Support on their forums are really great, I had a question and got some great help within no time.

I definitely suggest you to try this Extension.
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