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Ninja Simple Icon Menu Module

Icon Menus Just Got Simple

Ninja Simple Icon Menu will help you quickly set up a menu system that simply uses icons. This module is about as simple as it gets to set up.

Simply install the module, pick your images from a drop-down and publish the module.

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Reviews: 3
Hello... This is the best menu module I think, easy to install, easy to customize!

You can add your favorite icon simply uploading it in the right directory of your joomla-website.

You can have only-icons menu with useful tooltips! Or mixed menues with icons and titles... Amazing!

Also this module is ok for every browser (firefox, opera, safari, ie8, chrome, etc...) - I tried it!

Support is superb! But the module is so-that simple to use that every buddy webmaster like me can install and enjoy it.

Good work, Ninjaforge!
Reviews: 3
Hi everyone
I have to give this extension 5* because it is very easy to use and very SEO friendly. You don't even have to touch the php or xml files in order to create more icons, because by default it support 20 icons!!! FishEye only support 6-7 by default.

In terms of SEO, it gives you the chance to hide the title and the ability to edit alt tag. Furthermore, you can find their CSS file easily.

I hope this great extension supports flash-like animation in future, that’s give you the edge to compete with other rivals.
Reviews: 5
This an amazing extension. Install and configuration is very easy. I had a small problem in IE6 but the support was amazing. I got better support then most paid extensions.

Five Stars.
Reviews: 1
I found that setting up the module was fairly easy. in a matter of minutes i had my own images set up as icons which is a great feature on my site. The only issue i have is using the module to show different icons on different pages e.g icon 1,2,3 on page 1 and icons 4,5,6 on page 2. I have tried to figure out how to do this but cant. Apart from this though it is great.
Owner's reply

Hi Untouchable, I am glad you like Ninja Simple Icons.

To make it show up differently on multiple pages, just copy the module in the module manager screen and then set the parameters differently for it.

Reviews: 1
Thank you for this extension. Its really nice
Reviews: 3
Simple to implement and easy to use.
Thank you for an awesome extension.
Reviews: 1
KISS = keep it simple and stupid
this module is great and the support team has a quick reply
Reviews: 2
Very good! Thanks!! :))
I solved a lot of accessibility problems on my sites!
Reviews: 4
A module that works out of the box and that is easy to customize. I needed to add an id to the li. Given the good coding it didn't take me long to add this. All I did was open mod_ninja_simple_icons.php and went to the bottom. right below the if add the following:

if ($icon_titles == 0) {
$id = 'id="'.str_replace(" ", "_", $icon_titles).'"';

and add to the anchor

Reviews: 1

The Ninja guys are great. Not only do they make great extensions, but they also have great support. That is the key to a great business! I had trouble with Simple Icons at first, but that was on my end. It serves me great so far! My only critique is I wish there was a step by step users guide with images, which I am happy to put together for the ninja guys!

Other than that, excellent!
Reviews: 3
I tried sending a message to you guys, but it got complicated and I've resumed my actions.

But since I can vote for extensions here, you have my full vote, I really think you can do lots of stuff with this extension.

It works fine, loads fine and does what is says. Moreover, I made some "teaks" or whatever you may call them, to look and act different.

The changes are not in the php code, but in the css stylesheet. There could be some jquery added in the next release for a cool look, but for now it does just good with this:

.nsi-container a:hover img {
height:40px; }

It will do a image hover effect, the icon will grow and it will change opacity. Somthing like fisheye, but much simpler.

... Assuming that the icons are set to a smaller value than 40px. However, you can set the value to a larger one.

Now it looks and acts different, and works in IE7 too. I did not test it in Opera and Safari, but I gues it can be tweaked there to. In Chrome works just fine.

The is also a trick for IE6, but whoever would care for that, I'm so against support of IE6.

Thanks for you time and I'm glad I could give something back since I don't have any money to give and I'm no programmer.
Reviews: 1
Brilliant module, does exactly what it says on the tin and is really easy to customize. If only everyone made modules like this. (Y)
Reviews: 2
This component does exactly what it says.
Esay to configure.
You can add any icon you want, connect it to any link in you site. Works perfectly with SEF components.
Uses CSS so it is easy to adapt.
Reviews: 3
My client requested an image menu and this extension provided everything I needed; when I had an alignment issue with IE7 (surprise!), a member of the development team gave me a new version to try within 24 hours. Now that's service! Even as a free subscriber, Ninja provides excellent support at every level!
Reviews: 10
excellent menu system , the css file is clear and let you adjust the module to your needs.
very useful even as a weblink module.
thanks for the effort.
Reviews: 2
I would rather that it works using the joomla menus and don't create my menu again.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the feedback.

We wanted to do this, but there is no way to configure all the options using the normal Joomla menus without making it overly complex, which defeats the whole purpose of having it simple.

Reviews: 1
I use this module very good one and EXCELLENT suport i send an email for change from 10 to 20 image in less then 30 min i have back one module modified with my preference.
Reviews: 2
Module is as it says simple. Support on the Forum is by far the best I have had in a while. Mark is extremely helpful and best of all he replies promptly.
Reviews: 1
This is by far the very best and easy menu module. I am shocked how easy it is to setup and how easy it is to put it together in your website. Well done!!!
Reviews: 2
First time i got a simple yet appealing menu to work with my site without getting into much work. Very good extension. Thanks.
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