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Main Menu Images Module

This module is a small hack to the default mainmenu module, which removes the text, and displays only the images you select in the menu item parameter.

This will enable you to create a menu based on images (only), rather than just text or text + images.

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Reviews: 4
The menu worked wonderfully until we upgraded to PHP 5.3.6. Then it would not show on our site. Looked through the module's site forum but did not find a solution. Have submitted a forum post for help. This could be a major problem to an otherwise great module.
Reviews: 1
It´s no problem to install or get it running even if you are new to Joomla.

The hover function dosen´t seem to work but otherwise it´s quite recomendable.

Thank´s for great work.
Owner's reply

Hover requires some tweaking on your template.

Reviews: 1

Really nice work.

I'll edit the module to add one thing; pointer hint.

Thank you for this module.
Reviews: 1
So very easy to use. The hover menu setup is so easy as to be almost insulting.

First project to be developed in Joomla and was starting to fret that my menu ideas could not be realised - then I found this. Thank you SO MUCH!
Reviews: 6
Easy menu. Glad there is hover support, although I found the Java Script very slow to load the hover. It's the only menu for Joomla that I've found with hover support, though, so it's worth it.
Reviews: 3
Manage to get everything to work after reading the instructions. Perhaps can make the instructions more accessible coz it did took me a while to find it. After reading it, everything was piece of cake and the mouseover really works! Thanks for this brilliant contribution!!
Reviews: 3
This extension is considerable OK,
But there are simply a few problems with this menu: The hover- and active-Images function only in the Menustil - "List". And the IE6 does not recognize hover-und active images.

Is there for these probleme solutions?
Reviews: 2
I wonder why this is not include in Joomla base, this solution is like Joomla's Menu module and better!!....
Simple to use, i only install this module and point to the menu with the images and ready to show!!
Reviews: 2
It was a long night until i found this module.

It does what it states and it was very simple to use.
Reviews: 1
I've used this package on two client's sites and it turned out very nice. Much better than jumping through hoops to get image menus using css.

I did run into two situations were I wasn't able to get the menus to appear the way I needed. So I made a few changes to the code.Maybe other's would benifit.

The first was I couldn't get the images in a horizontal menu to be flush against each other. To fix it I removed the space in line 380 of legacy.php I changed cellspacing from 1 to 0.

The second problem was the vertical legacy menu inserted the menu text link under the image. To fix it on line 144 of helper.php I changed mosShowVIMenu to mosShowVIMenuMMI.

Duane Hinkley
DH Consulting
Reviews: 4
This is a great extension doing, just what a lot of people need. Simple to use, just like Joomla's Menu module, great addition is possibility to disable list bullets for those not that familiar with CSS. Maybe in future versions there could be added a hover image support?
Owner's reply

Hover imaging using the current code is very difficult to achieve, however we will try to implement some mechanism to enable hover images. There is a CSS workaround on the site ... but its not very elegant.

Reviews: 2
Haven't had a problem with this extension at all. It works nice and displays sweet....running on Joomla! 1.0 - easy to install!
Reviews: 2
Thanks for this excellent module :)
Reviews: 5
This is what i just was looking for!

Simple and effective.