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swMenuFree 8 Released. Instantly create a drop-down or pop-out menu system for your Joomla website using either the mygosu , trans, or superfish menu systems.

* Simple mouse driven interface allows infinite styling of all aspects of the menu module without touching the keyboard or knowing CSS

* True type font integration for top and sub menu items using easily obtained cufon font files

* Corner styling. Independent corner styles for each corner of the complete menu, top menu, and sub menus.

* Advanced menu source features for the menu include the ability to automatically create whole menu structures from content(content only menu), Or too automatically append content items as menu items to existing categories(hybrid Menu). This unique system of menu and content integration allows you to custom make a menu system that automatically updates itself as content is added. Virtuemart integation is also supported.

* Create and export an external style sheet and edit it manually for unlimited styling capabilities.

* Active menu feature will automatically keep the top menu item highlighted for the part of the site being viewed.

* Live preview to see changes as they are made, as well as a complete preview to show entire menu module.

* Integrated update/repair facility makes it easy to upgarde to future versions of swMenuFree without losing any settings.

* Currently has 12 included translations for the admin component.

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Reviews: 1
I've used swmenufree on my customer's web site, and it's a very attractive product. easy to set up, nice presentation etc BUT my site menus won't work on Android devices (at least on the two I have tried). I've posted the issue on the message board, and e-mailed the developer twice, but had no response. If it worked on my Android devices, I would give it five stars.
Reviews: 4
Sean's newest responsive version of swMenuPro is all I'm going to need from here on out for custom menus. It has always been highly configurable and now that it is responsive it's a must have. You can configure horizontal or vertical menus, any color you wish for each part of the menu, gradients, corners, there is nothing that can't be customized. Believe me I don't write reviews unless I am blown away and this component blows me away!!
Reviews: 3
I have been looking long time for good easy menus. This component is great and extremely adaptable to any site !!! Thanks !!!
Reviews: 8
its the menu extension that i need for my every joomla site, thank you so much for the wonderful extension!
Reviews: 4
Seriously easy to set up and use. Installed and config'd in Joomla 3.1 without any problems.

Great extension, amazing that it's free. Many thanks to the devs.
Reviews: 4
I have been using this with ealier versions of Joomla, but this is the first time I'm using for a Joomla 3 site. I have tried several menu extensions - but none can equal this in terms of the number of parameters you can configure. The size, color, border, font etc everything is customizable. And the best thing is it's free! Thank you so much.
Reviews: 9
It is a very comfortable component, indeed! But why use an -Tag as a clear-element which has a height? Also the component's file structure doesn't look very compliant to Joomla-Standards ... so you have to hack the core for any changes (like changing the -tag). But it really saves a lot of time although I miss the CSS-fiddling a bit.
Reviews: 3
This is a great free menu extension, very detailed customisation, easy to use, so smart menu.
Reviews: 1
I wanted to get reed of the boring job of making Menu and SubMenus for each category of my Virtuemart Products. swMenuFree was just to the point. There is an option that chooses Virtuemart Cateogories and voila!!
Reviews: 8
Used this module in the past and it was ok but now its fantastic. To be able to customize your entire menu in a GUI interface and not have to do any CSS styling is incredible. Usually menus take a really long time to style because there's a million class names and properties being assigned but to be able to see it in a preview window and adjust everything with sliders and a visual interface, GREAT job on this.
Reviews: 1
This is a real cracker of an add-on! I'd award 6 stars if I could!

Having had to migrate some 10 sites from j1.5.25 to J2.5.x I was so frustrated with the lack of legacy menus in 2.5. This meant re-writing the CSS for each custom-built site - then I stumbled on SWMenuFree. After a few hours it was clear I had to buy the full version - which I did. This allows top and side (and other menus) all on one site.

It is a doddle to customise menus. Remember "more is less" and don't "guild the lily": just because an effect is possible, it doesn't mean you have to use it. This produces some cool, clean menus in record time that are reliable and work.
Reviews: 1
What a fantastic module. Thank you !!! Costas from Greece
Reviews: 1
I purchased an earlier version of this extension for a Joomla 1.5 site in 2009 and received an immediate upgrade to a release that came out simultaneously along with a bit of installation advice that was promptly supplied on request.

I've used the extension for about 3 years now and can't fault it. Its easy to use, works out of the box as everything is pretty much self explanatory. However, there is also documentation.

So imagine my surprise when I contacted the developer to ask about the upgrade path for Joomla 2.5 and what it would cost, only to be told that I could upgrade at no cost to myself with a link included in the email.

This has to be one of the best value extensions available. I should also add that the developer Sean, responded to my inquiry within about an hour or so of it being sent off.

Sean mate, you have a brilliant product. You really should charge more for it as I would definitely like to know you will be around when I want to buy a another copy for other sites I will be working on.

Keep up the great work.

Jon D.
Reviews: 3
This is a great addition to menu extension. Thoroughly recommend the training video on the website - otherwise it can look overwhelming with so many options.
Reviews: 1
Extremely customizable, very easy to use. Great extension!!
Reviews: 3
Excellent menu. Highly configurable. I do not want another. Congratulations
Reviews: 11
I have been using swmenupro for some years now. It took me a few minutes to get the tree menu looking like I wanted at first. But it es very flexible and I never had any problems. And it is very pretty.

At the beginning I had used the free version. It could do all I need. I changed to the commercial version because these guys have done a great job and deserve being paid for it.
Reviews: 6
This is an excellent extension for creating a multi-level sub-menus. It has very good developer's user interface with very high level of flexibility.
I used it to replace a native Joomla! menu, it's functional now.
I'm not an expert with Joomla! so it took me about 30 minutes to deploy the extension, 3 hours to make the menu functional and a whole day to tweak it to the look and feel I wanted. Or rather very close to this.
The option to create a CSS file is a good compromise between flexibility and usability. However, once you created a CSS file you keep running over it as the way to CSS is a one way street: Once you created this file you cannot continue working with excellent native user interface.
Now don't get me wrong, you will hardly ever need to go to the CSS file. I did, because I wanted a menu with entries that separated with horizontal lines.
Thank you guys for this very good extension!
Reviews: 6
I am creating my first template from scratch and needed a menu system to go with it. I discovered swMenuFree and it is the answer to all my needs at the moment. It is one of the best extensions I have discovered. As my needs increase I will most definitely be upgrading to swMenuPro.
Reviews: 10
I love the WYSIWYG control panel for this extension. It's really easy to use. I especially love the ability to generate, export and link to an external CSS style sheet. That's classy AND elegant. Thank you.
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