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swMenuFree 8 Released. Instantly create a drop-down or pop-out menu system for your Joomla website using either the mygosu , trans, or superfish menu systems.

* Simple mouse driven interface allows infinite styling of all aspects of the menu module without touching the keyboard or knowing CSS

* True type font integration for top and sub menu items using easily obtained cufon font files

* Corner styling. Independent corner styles for each corner of the complete menu, top menu, and sub menus.

* Advanced menu source features for the menu include the ability to automatically create whole menu structures from content(content only menu), Or too automatically append content items as menu items to existing categories(hybrid Menu). This unique system of menu and content integration allows you to custom make a menu system that automatically updates itself as content is added. Virtuemart integation is also supported.

* Create and export an external style sheet and edit it manually for unlimited styling capabilities.

* Active menu feature will automatically keep the top menu item highlighted for the part of the site being viewed.

* Live preview to see changes as they are made, as well as a complete preview to show entire menu module.

* Integrated update/repair facility makes it easy to upgarde to future versions of swMenuFree without losing any settings.

* Currently has 12 included translations for the admin component.

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Reviews: 1
It's rare to find software that works just the way you want, especially if it's complex (there's a surprising amount of complication in a horizontal/tabbed menu system) and free!

swMenuFree is just such a rare find.

Within about 30 minutes of installing it I had a horizontal menu that was workable. After about an hour I had tidied it up enough to put my site live again. Another hour, or so, of primping and preening and my old vertical menu had been replaced with a very tidy horizontal menu that should fit my requirements for another six months at least. After that I know that if I need to I'll be able to upgrade to swMenuPro, with confidence, and not have to worry about starting from scratch again.

Even better - I did NOT need to fiddle around in php and css files so I know that if I need to update anything I will not to re-apply any php/css changes.

If only all Joomla extensions were this good. Well done Sean!
Reviews: 5
I too have read the other reviews and am puzzled. This is a great extension, works with Joomla 2.5, and responses to questions have been very prompt. Needed wrapping menu text, asked how to do it, was told new version handled it and voila.. , there it was! AND I am using the free version! Great work!
Reviews: 1
at first hand i had a problem using the menu cause it was showing a lot of errors i knew it was because my error reporting on php but it didnt work so i thought it was bad, i have used it again today with J2.5.3 and it works perfect just some warnings but it does what it said thx a lot
Reviews: 2
I had a client that was using a superfish style menu with cufon and was not easy for them to edit, I came across this and it works great simple interface very very easy to work with!!!
Reviews: 9
No compatible with Joomla 2.5.2 as they say. The component give me many errors.
Sorry for the calification but, the extension doesn't work for me.
Owner's reply

Latest swMenuFree7.2 is now available and should fix any installation or other issues that people may have had with swMenuFree for Joomla2.5

Reviews: 1
I tried all the free menu extensions and IMO this was this best by far

I had an issue with sub-menus not rendering transparency correctly with IE, but I posted the issue on the support forum and the author replied with a solution within an hour

great work, great service, i highly recommend this extension!
Reviews: 3
The component for this extension is not compatible with Joomla 2.5.2 - it will install successfully, but the component will crash when accessed.
Owner's reply

Latest swMenuFree7.2 is now available and should fix any installation or other issues that people may have had with swMenuFree for Joomla2.5

Reviews: 10
I had hesitated to use this on Joomla 2.5 with Beez20 because of the reviews. I downloaded several other menu modules and could not get any of them to work. So I downloaded this and got a working drop down menu in about 5 minutes. Great extension.
Reviews: 1
I have used this on a couple of websites and am impressed with the results. each time I use it I discover something else it can do.

I had a problem with borders not disappearing when I tried to turn them off and even though I had the free version my question was answered very quickly.

I am considering paying for the Pro version so I can benefit from all the additional features.
Reviews: 1
Says it's compatible with joomla 2.5 except it only works for the pro version so far. (Read in support site forum by Sean White)

"Just released It is fully compatable with Joomla 1.6, 1.7 and 2.5 Plus it fixes quite a few other small issues. You can download it now using your paid login details. This new version will also automatically install the module so there is no module install file."

Hopefully update will come out soon for the free version.
Owner's reply

Latest swMenuFree7.2 is now available and should fix any installation or other issues that people may have had with swMenuFree for Joomla2.5

Reviews: 3
I use this component since a few years. Helped me very much to make the menu like i need it!

The pro version is requiered since J!1.6, when you wants to setup a multilingual page.

Reviews: 15
Amazing. Use it for your drop down menu needs.
Reviews: 2
Just installed this extension for my mainmenu with J1.7.
Easy set-up, differents colors, differents styles, Ready To Run.

thank you
Reviews: 4
I used this non-commercial version for a horizontal menu with submenu items. I was able to use a background image (not just plain colour) and stylize it the way I wanted. I had one little hiccup (more than one version of the module running) and my request for support was answered efficiently and effectively.
Reviews: 1
I used this extension and couldn't believe how easy it was to use. Then I realised the free one couldn't cope with the amount of menus I needed so I bought the Pro version and it was worth every penny for the great support given. Would recommend both the extension and high praise for the support offered too.
Reviews: 1
Absolutely fantastic.

Fully customizable and free version does more than enough for non-commercial user.

Got stuck once after install, which related to white borders showing on the drop down menus. This actually related to settings in the standard Beez 20 template, which I eventually managed to resolve with the developers ample support on blogs across the internet.

Fully recommend it.
Reviews: 1
Great menu for multiple uses on any website. Awesome customization and easy to use. Highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
It is difficult to say in english, but i want ot tell that swmenufree and swmenupro does not good enough to handle homepage menu which using SEF cause there was created 2 menu for 1 homepage. The first menu is the domain itself and the second menu is domain plus /home (maybe different), so if we want to increase traffic in search engine our traffic will break into 2 menu. Otherwise google said do not give more than 1 name for 1 page if you want increase your traffic. I hope you understand what i mean. Sorry for my bad english.
Reviews: 4
This module is quite good but can't be used on a multilanguage environment. For this you will need the pro version that is, off course, commercial.
If you have a multilanguage site, you won't be able to use it as it will show menu of all languages on the page.
Owner's reply

Latest swMenuFree7.2 is now available and should fix any installation or multilanguage issues that people may have had with swMenuFree for Joomla1.6 - 2.5

Reviews: 9
I cannot even begin to express how impressed I am! I was blown away by how easy it was to install, configure and get running. The video tutorial on the site was spot-on!

My menu now looks perfect...just the way I wanted it.

Highly recommended!!
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