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swMenuFree 8 Released. Instantly create a drop-down or pop-out menu system for your Joomla website using either the mygosu , trans, or superfish menu systems.

* Simple mouse driven interface allows infinite styling of all aspects of the menu module without touching the keyboard or knowing CSS

* True type font integration for top and sub menu items using easily obtained cufon font files

* Corner styling. Independent corner styles for each corner of the complete menu, top menu, and sub menus.

* Advanced menu source features for the menu include the ability to automatically create whole menu structures from content(content only menu), Or too automatically append content items as menu items to existing categories(hybrid Menu). This unique system of menu and content integration allows you to custom make a menu system that automatically updates itself as content is added. Virtuemart integation is also supported.

* Create and export an external style sheet and edit it manually for unlimited styling capabilities.

* Active menu feature will automatically keep the top menu item highlighted for the part of the site being viewed.

* Live preview to see changes as they are made, as well as a complete preview to show entire menu module.

* Integrated update/repair facility makes it easy to upgarde to future versions of swMenuFree without losing any settings.

* Currently has 12 included translations for the admin component.

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Reviews: 4
This is an amazing extension. Incredibly flexible, works cross-browser, and has a superb backend management interface.

That's the menu component then.

The most amazing thing is Sean's devotion. Check out the forum and you'll see what I mean. Send him some cash, or buy the "pro" version, and tell your mates about his stuff too.

(Am not affiliated with the owner in anyway)
Reviews: 1
I can't speak well enough about this component. It's been a huge time saver for me. Perhaps what I like best is how professional the developer has been in the design of the interface, functionality and documentation. It's components like this that lead to me use Joomla. A Big Thank You to Sean White.
Reviews: 2
Go to his homepage and grab the version FOR J1.5. Otherwise you're GOING to have errors. This is a great system; i use it in MOST of my sites! Great work Sean!
Reviews: 1
Got two "Undefined Variable" error messages as soon as I tried to create a new menu. Ignored them, created the menu anyway, those errors then showed up on my front page as well. Both errors were in the SWmenuFree files.

My guess would be that SWmenuFree depends on the some other aspect of Joomla to define variables that it uses. If they're not defined, SWmenyFree bombs out.
Reviews: 1
After all the struggle, SWmenuFree was a blow of simplicity and efectiveness.

Thank you.
Reviews: 1
Support emailed me within minutes when I contacted them for help and went out of their way to provide me with support. I've installed the pro version. Being a newbie, I had to work out about Joomla sections and categories first but now I've sussed the system, I'm delighted with the result and with the simplicity and effectiveness of the user interface.
Reviews: 2
I'm a jaded Joomla developer having slogged through finding errors even in popular Joomla extensions. I have to say I was really impressed with SWmenu. Everything about this extension says, "professional," and I hope that other Joomla extension developers copy such a professional, well-thought out component. Way to go SWmenu! You guys rock!

Reviews: 1
Thanks Sean,
My client was insistent about having flyout menus, and this was my pick! I was able to customise the menu easily to suit the rest of the template - AND there is a how-to manual! I upgraded to the Pro version as my client wanted more than one fly-out menu, and that too comes with a how-to manual and some extra little graphics to use - excellent. Client is happy, I am happy. Thanks for your help.
Reviews: 1
The mistake I made....I had gone through only the first review and was frightened because I am not an expert in these things and have no idea about any scripting language. I had tried all the other menu systems, but found one problem or the other. Finally, I decided to give this a trial too. And God! I was astonished with the simplicity, the extensive formatting capabilities and ease of instructions provided.
I can't understand the people who claim to be experts in Programming languages and haven't been able to configure this. No offence meant! But, believe me, I am new to this and do not know any other programming or scripting language. But, this was the easiest and the best I found around.
The instructions provided were the best which I haven't observed in any other components or modules. IF anyone find this difficult to use, I advise them to stay away from Joomla altogether.
The only thing I felt bad about was that I had taken the words of a few negative reviews instead of reading all the reviews and had wasted a lot of time trying out the other modules/components.
Believe me, this had been very easy to configure and I was able to tweak it to the exact look I needed. Go ahead and try this out, folks.
Thanks to the Developers for providing this for Free! So, some of the best things do come for Free!
Thank you.
Reviews: 1
I pratically tried every menu manager in these section: there is no match. SwMenuFree is absolutely the best.
The backend section is fantastic and let you to create whatever menu you have in mind. It's a pity it is not a part of joomla by default.
Regarding the documentation issue, I wonder if documentation was necessary .... very easy to use ... I think the manual is even overdone.
Reviews: 2
After installing and being underwhelmed with jscookmenu (it worked, but not what I was looking for), I installed this menu. First, I have to say WOW! What documentation! The module (that actually displays the menu) is installed as part of an admin component that is the most feature-rich free extension I've ever seen. Not only does each page have very nice illustrated help, there's a 30+ page PDF manual that you can download as well. Just tell it what you want the menu to look like (they've even got a color-chart picker!) and tell it to publish it. Voila! I was looking at it for a second Joomla! site of mine, and was so impressed that I put it in production on my main site ( NO Javascript, DHTML. And the menus look really nice!

This extension is a prime example of how to make money with open-source software. This version is free, and it's awesome. Then he offers an even fancier version with even fancier-looking menus for $50. For what I'm going to do, though, I'm going to stick with the free one.

I do have one minor complaint. If you enable the cache option, there's a bug in the code that the author is aware of and has a fix for. See this web page:
But he said he'd fix that in the core code back in April, and it's now July. It's a one character fix. Either turn off caching or add a digit in the code; it's up to you.
Reviews: 1
For a newcomer to Joomla but an experienced C++ developer I found the supplied documentation inadequate, more a list of features with no explanation on how you use the software. I would like to see a step by step set of instructions that show how you use the component to create a simple menu system, preferably with diagrams that show the finished menus. The support sites is currently inaccessible and the hosting of the forums at also seem unrelaible - sometimes the site loads, sometimes not but in any event it looks as though the forums are quite slow and inactive - maybe one person is trying to support too many users. From my own experience, regardless of how good the component may be, a newcomer may not find the documentation and forum support to be adequate.
Reviews: 1
This is a great component. Very easy to setup and configure. The preview allows you to very quickly develop a professional menu which is reliable. I used the free version for ages on our site which is great but moved to the pro edition recently the pro edition has many more features and is well worth the money. If you need a menu system which does it all look at this.
Reviews: 1
This is the best free menu-extension that I've tried, and I've tried them all. Very easy to administer and customize. I've had a few minor issues but despite this I want to give the highest grades possible. The support from the forum/developer is very fast, helpful and professional! :-D
Reviews: 5
Wow - was that simple. I didn't even have to read the instructions and made a slideout menu right off. Let me get this straight though. Even though it's intuitive, SW comes with really extensive illustrated instructions. OTOH, most of the components I see are horribly complex and nonintuitive, so of course they come with little or no instructions, or garbled ones. It's all butt-backwards ;')

I guess we should have the swmenufree folks do instructions for some of the other components.
Reviews: 2
I have used transmenu in the past and it had conflicts with some of my templates and even though I know how to fix this now I still like SWmenuFree. It can be customized in so many different ways and it has transmenu in it. So if you like transmenu you will love this menu system.
Reviews: 1
l'd been searching and searching for a simple way to design and update my menus that need to communicate with virtuemart. This is the only extension l've found capable of doing it oh so easily without any need for hard coding. five stars just for thinking of this option.
Reviews: 3
A professional website with a demo of the Pro version tempted me to download the free version and I was amazed.

This tool is a fantastic addition to a developers arsenal to get a drop-down menu system working very quickly. Excellent customisation options. I did not even download the documentation.

I already use Extended Menu which works fine but using this tool is so much easier.

Don't forget to download the SwMenuMaker tool as well which takes the pain out of moving menu items around.

Well done!
Reviews: 1
I tried another menu system but no luck due to poor documentation.

SWmenuFree comes with comprehensive 23 page user manual and after 2 hours I got it working.

Looks great and feels good.
Reviews: 15
I always try components and modules offline in XP, prior to putting them on a linux site. This function was easy to use offline and it installed online just as well. It is great to put on simple colours or complex photo graphics into the menu. I cut some pieces from a photo, saved them as a png file and simply uploaded and added these to the menu. I was using an extended menu and replaced it with this one with ease. If anything there are too many options but the program is reasonably intuitive. Menus can easily be placed across the page, down the page, left submenus, right submenus in all kinds of colors and formats and even the submenus transparency can be adjusted. Borders can be added, removed or chosen as different colours. I didn't need the manual, just hacked it around offline and when happy used the same parameters online. Altogether a fine piece of software. It was a bit scary when the program came up with some horrid looking message and I thought everything would crash but this disappeared almost immediately and it has worked fine. No issues, but I keep expecting them because it has worked that well and there are so many options that I haven't tried them all yet.
Good Job
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