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swMenuFree 8 Released. Instantly create a drop-down or pop-out menu system for your Joomla website using either the mygosu , trans, or superfish menu systems.

* Simple mouse driven interface allows infinite styling of all aspects of the menu module without touching the keyboard or knowing CSS

* True type font integration for top and sub menu items using easily obtained cufon font files

* Corner styling. Independent corner styles for each corner of the complete menu, top menu, and sub menus.

* Advanced menu source features for the menu include the ability to automatically create whole menu structures from content(content only menu), Or too automatically append content items as menu items to existing categories(hybrid Menu). This unique system of menu and content integration allows you to custom make a menu system that automatically updates itself as content is added. Virtuemart integation is also supported.

* Create and export an external style sheet and edit it manually for unlimited styling capabilities.

* Active menu feature will automatically keep the top menu item highlighted for the part of the site being viewed.

* Live preview to see changes as they are made, as well as a complete preview to show entire menu module.

* Integrated update/repair facility makes it easy to upgarde to future versions of swMenuFree without losing any settings.

* Currently has 12 included translations for the admin component.

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Reviews: 3
I have been trying many of the GNU GPL menu modules and components over the past several hours and SWmenuFree was the winner for me. I was able to create a dropdown trans menu that exactly matched my website in a matter of 10 minutes. Thanks for an excellent menu tool!
Reviews: 3
however it messed up with my Greek encoding... :-(
I can use this
Reviews: 4
I have used SwMenu for a while now and I must say it is the best menu system out there. I have tried a lot of them. This component makes it possibe to create exactly the menu you want and most of the menu systems inluded in this component makes the links searchable for the search engines - which is very important to me.

As important as a good product is good support. And the developer is always very helpful and quick. After switching template I got problems with my menus. This was not a problem of this component but a template problem. Never the less the developer rewrote my template to it work. What about that service? I am used to developers of templates and components putting the resposibility on the other part.
Reviews: 5
Excellent component.

Simple to use - you'll be up and running in 15 minutes.
Supports background images.
Great control console.
Great CSS support.
Excellent support forums.

This is by FAR the best free menu extension I have used. In fact, it is one of the best of any kind of extension I have used for Joomla!
Reviews: 2
Awesome menu system for someone like me who is just above being css illiterate, but does want some customization! I tried a few of the other menu systems, and settled on this one. I got things working last night much easier than I could have imagined, and am ecstatic over the results. I wanted to be able to use the menu buttons that I'm already using in the Solarflare II template. This menu system made this super easy

This did require a tiny bit of knowledge of an image editing program (Paint Shop Pro in my case), but only because of how Solar Flare template has the button images done. The button image and mouseover images in Solar Flare II are a single png image file (top half has one button, the bottom half of the image has the mouseover button). I just needed to cut each half of the image file and paste each as its own image, and then upload those two files to my server.

The component then creates a module for you, and you go in and fill in the parameters. All I had to do was, in the proper box in the form, point to the new image files I uploaded. I had to do some tweaks like change the font size, etc., but all this is done in the component without requiring any knowledge of css.

Great menu system, and exactly what I was looking for.
Reviews: 4
This is my first review. But now I had to write one.

I am teaching students at a university how to use Joomla and after looking at several free menusystems I tried this one and it worked immediately. Impressively simple to set up if you already know your way around Joomla.

Congratulations on a well done system. My students will be happy with this one. I wish all extentions for Joomla was as well done as this one.
Reviews: 1
This is a great module. Easy to configure and very powerful.

There does seem to be a layout glitch in the way sub-menus are displayed in IE 7 browsers, but looks to be addressed in future versions as discussed here:
Reviews: 1
I really like this menu, but it just wont work in Safari, not that that'll bother too many people!
Owner's reply

swMenuFree is compatable with Safari. Sometimes some extra template CSS needs editing for Safari. Solutions can be found by looking and posting in the forums at

Reviews: 1
No slight intended, but contrary to the indications on the extension page, niether the free nor the pro versions are 1.5 compatible just yet, The author has promised a compatible version "when there is a stable release of Joomla 1.5".


Ted Moens
Reviews: 2
easy to config with the help illustrated
Reviews: 2
I personally recommend this extension! it will save you time and effort in making perfect menus in under seconds.

Reviews: 1
Because it doesn't have clear procedures or manual so that we can :

(1) Integrate our newly created swMenuFree menu into our Joomla! web page, and

(2) It doesn't tell me how to create and how to implement a swMenuFree menu system of multi-languages, but I saw it before (English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese).

No manual, no implementation procedures !
Owner's reply

Full 23 page color manual in pdf format has been available for a few months now for swMenuFree plus a support forum with thousands of posts and solutions at

Reviews: 2
I was needing an extension that would allow me to build Drop Down menus. I looked at other options and experimented with them in futile attempts to get drop downs onto my site.
This component is a double thumbs up. The installation was simple and it is so easy to get professional looking drop downs without ever leaving the Compments admin back end and going to hack land. The supporting documentation and online help is excellent.

Don't go wasting your time as I did trying to find a better menuing component. This should be part of the Joomla core.

Well done.
Reviews: 2
I had tried quite a few of the menu modules. I thought the modules would be easier than a component... I was wrong!
This component was a breeze to install, and the admin interface made setting it up to my needs very simple. The Preview ability is just wonderful! No doubt it has capabilities beyond my basic needs, but it did exactly what I wanted...with a minimum of stress. Now my main menu looks/works so much neater ( and so much nicer!)
Thank you SWMenuFree!
Reviews: 12
It is unbelievable how extensive and easy this component is to install and configure. It took only a handful of minutes to figure out how to use it. I was impressed with the extensive configuration parameters and the ease by which this is done through a component that allows you to preview changes prior to implementing them. It is amazing to fathom that this component is free and eliminates requirement of knowledge and time it takes to first configure CSS files and then create extensive menu IDs when manually creating menu links through Joomla for such components as Virtuemart, which could have hundreds or thousands of categories. This module could save hours or even days. About the only con I have seen in the 45 minutes I have used this free menu system is option for an expandable menu, which is referrenced below. Otherwise, I am quite surprised at how long this component has been around and the few views and reviews it has. I am curious how this menu performs under the eyes of search engines and load speed. The pro version has many more menu options and is priced reasonably for developers.
Reviews: 1
Having tried several dropdown menus, I've found this one is by far the best among free stuff and was amazed by how easy to set it up. Highly recommand it! Definitely five stars from me.
Reviews: 5
Fastest DHTML creation I've ever done. I've got intermediate CSS skills and I can manage certain DHTML solutions... but I find a lot of the menu extensions for Joomla to be too complex or confusing for me.

I was able to get swMenu working for me in MINUTES. I will be purchasing Pro for all my professional sites!
Reviews: 4
This is a great product, lots of options and is fairly straightfoward to hack without having to learn a lot of coding or messing around. The interface on the admin panel is a snap. Five stars.
Reviews: 4
I've tried a lot of menu fact, I tried this one about a year ago and didn't like it for some reason. But I recently tried it again, and WOW. It does everything it will. It is very easy to customize css automatically using buttons via the backend component manager. Beautiful menus are produced, and the options available via the backend are immense.
The one drawback--it does NOT valdate w3 for html compliance. You have to upgrade to the PRO version to get a validating menu.
Reviews: 2
Good work done with this module and component.. Simple user interface makes it a snap to configure.. It didnt take much trial and error to get this running how i wanted it.. I'll have to say its probably the best dynamic menu avail on the extensions site..
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