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Kazaam! Plugin

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Save 5 minutes every time you or your users create an article or a category, by automatically creating a menu item!

Kazaam! is an automatic menu manager. Just plug it in, turn it on and it’ll start working for you. Never spend your time creating a menu item again!

Need more details? Here they are.

This is a plugin that creates a menu, and automatically maintains it. You can see the menu in your Joomla menu manager, and use it exactly like any other menu. It is a tree menu, and it maintains your category and article tree structure perfectly in your new menu.

You can select which categories you want to include in the menu, and whether you want to also automatically create menu items for articles.

Your categories will be used as category blog menu items, and your articles will be used as single article menu items.

Your new menu items will also take on your category or article parameters, such as whether they are published, are available to registered users, and so forth.

Changes to your categories or articles will be instantly reflected in your Kazaam! menu.

Kazaam! is built to save you time and effort – which you can use for things that really matter.

We have just upgraded Kazaam! to be faster and more efficient than ever!

If you use Kazaam! please leave a rating and a review at the Joomla extensions directory

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Reviews: 1
Hi, thanks for making this simple plugin. I appreciate your work and cleverness :) However if i could make just a few points , could you have made it so you can choose a master category eg:Home and then have it create menus from Home and all sub categories within it, it would have been great.

At the moment for joomla 3 it is not actually very helpful. As every time i add a category i have to go into the plugin to choose it for a menu to be created. It also makes the sub categories as a drop down menu.

My suggestions are as follows:

For category choices -

All categories

Some categories ( it already does this )

Master category and all its sub categories

Menu options -

Make master category and sub categories top level menus

Make sub categories as dropdown menu items


The ideal solution for a client but it needs to be more robust in its choices. The simplest way to see it is, if i showed a client that they could make new menus by creating a category within the master Home category then it would be easy for the client.

If you said to the client that if they make a new category like so Home/News/Latest where latest was a sub category of News then that would appear as a drop down menu under news.

That would be the ideal approach as i see it, especially if this plugin was designed for ease of use by the client the end user.

If you have any updated files to allow for One category and ALL its sub categories to be generated as one full top level menu then please share.
Reviews: 12
This is a really good plugin - it creates Menu Items automatically based on Category Articles and this is exactly what i wanted.

There are a couple of issues

1) When a new menu is created for an article and it is viewed, the article has a dashed line at the top showing (either the article category or the menu item name, not sure which) - If I then access the menu and resave it, this goes away. I used to have this same issue with a popup plugin I had and it was corrected by adding an &itemid=435 to the Link field.

2) I need to be able to generate two sets of submenus for all the articles in the same category - One linked to Top Menu and One linked to Main Menu. I repeated the menu#x entry in the plugin and amended them acccordingly, but it seems to only create the submenus in the last of the entries as it reads down them, so menu#1 did not have the submenus created but menu#2 did. I assume its because they both relate to the same input category.

There doesn't seem to be any proactive ways to contact the developer to help to address the issues, which means we can't clarify and address these concerns.

Besides that, it you are happy with it out of the box, its definitely one for your site.
Reviews: 5
I tried to use this plugin. In the begin I loved it, but that disappeared quickly after my menu's were completely messed up. I had to restore theme all the time, so I prefer manual now.
Reviews: 1
I had the hope to save a lot of time, as I am forced to transfer more than 300 articles from an old site to a new one.
Unfortunately the resulting Kazaam menu is not at all identical to the "normal" menu.
There are a lot of duplicate items. More than twice more.
So, Kazaam is of no use for me.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your honest feedback. All I can imagine is that the migration process duplicated your article IDs, and therefore Kazaam interpreted these as new articles. Please use the 'regenerate menu' function and it should all work correctly.

Reviews: 2
Hi, I just wanted to give my opinion for the plugin. I was looking to find something like kazaam because I am constructing a site with multiple categories and articles that must be displayed on the menu and it was very tiring to manually add menu items after their creation. Kazaam does what it is supposed to... I give 4 starts instead of five due to the lack of some more advanced features, as direct menu editing and menu creation parameters to be included etc.... Good work congrats to the developper!
Reviews: 5
The reason I downloaded this extension is to as an automatic hidden menu to populate my xml sitemap through Xmap. I could not get all of my articles to show previously because of plugin issues between Xmap and another extension. I needed a menu program that automatically updated as I added content. Sure enough, I followed the directions given for Kazaam and updated my Xmap settings. This process took less than a minute. I got exactly what I wanted. I do not have to mess with my sitemap again. Kazaam truly works automatically, as advertised.

P.S. Those of you who also want to use this to solve Xmap problems, just don't create a module for Kazaam to keep it hidden, but remember to publish the plugin. All of the categories and articles (if you choose that option) will be included in your sitemap. This extension is your answer!
Reviews: 4
Don't use Kazaam as your default menu. You'll realize that, if you don't create a menu item for a category BEFORE creating your articles, you must then regenerate your menu items through the KAZAAM! plugin. And this is where it gets messy.

When you regenerate your categories, well, needless to say, all your categories will replace the menu items. Like for example, you'll have an Uncategorized button, your uncategorized home button will disappear, with all you mods [*blood boils*] and the rest of the menu items that have nothing to do with categories will disappear.

At least the name fits its purpose; KAZAAM! and there goes your menu system.
Owner's reply

I appreciate your feedback.

However, please note that Kazaam! is an automatically generated and controlled menu. It is not intended to be edited directly.

Any changes made to your categories will instantly be reflected in the Kazaam! menu, so instead of editing the menu itself, you should make changes to your categories and articles in the Category / Article manager.

If you want a menu that is *not* automatically generated and controlled, please set one up in the menu manager.


Reviews: 14
Not only the extensión, but the developer Barnaby Dixon with his extraordinarily professional support, are the best experience in all my development years!
Reviews: 7
I have a custom style on my site's home pages, but any articles that weren't assigned to a menu were automatically inheriting that style. This plugin fixed that issue for me by automatically assigning new articles to the Kazaam menu, allowing non-techy users to submit articles without having to mess around with menus to get their articles to display properly.

Saved me a lot of messing about - thanks :)
Reviews: 9
Just the kind of plugin I was looking for. Saved lot of my time creating menus from categories. Thanks
Reviews: 52
Great job! This pluing makes setting up new sites SO much easier and for clients to maintain sites and menus. T

he upside of systems like WordPress is they have a nice unified backend but, they don't have the massive arsenal of addons like we do here at the JED!! This plugin helps close that gap.

Another reason why we only roll with Joomla.