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Menu Wrench Module

Throw a wrench at your Joomla menus! This module allows you to render selected menu items, from any Joomla menu, at any depth in the menu tree, and render them all as one menu.

Some possibilities include:

* Render child menu items onto the same level as their parent.
* Render some, but not all, menu items in a Joomla menu.
* Render menu items from multiple Joomla menus as one menu.
* Never render select menu items thus eliminating the need for "hidden menus"

v1.1.0 - released July 24, 2014

* Adds menu image support.
* Implements dynamic rendering of category articles as sub-menu items of that category menu item.
- e.g. articles belonging to category blog menu item will appear as sub-menu items of that blog menu item.
* Heavy refactoring of code and abstraction of logic into individual methods.
* Implements Joomla update server support.

v1.1.1 - released July 28, 2014

* Resolves issue with sub-menus not being closed correctly in the HTML markup

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Reviews: 1
Great extension which gives more control over menu.
I needed to hide some specific menu items and this extension did it.
Very easy to use
Reviews: 4
So helpful. It allows you to pick and choose menu items from across any number of different menus and display them on the front end as one integrated menu.
Reviews: 4
Just installed and tested briefly on a development installation. Seems to be working just fine, does exactly what it should.

Very useful to create ie. a footer column menu where you don't want entire menus to be rendered. Thanks!