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Jumpmenu Module

This module allows you to list dropdown menu items. After installing module you can insert your own links easily and use it as a dropdown menu.It can be used as template chooser with "?template" command. Thus you can be able to show only the templates that you selected not all the templates in templates folder. It is being used as a template chooser at right-bottom column on Demo Page
Update April/2013:Target_blank bug fixed and joomla 3.0 compatibility added.
* Joomla 2.5 and 3.0 compatible
* Select Joomla Menu or Enter your own links option
* Show/Hide submenu items
* Submenu start-end level
* Enter up to 40 links
* 2 Module Heading Positions (above-beside)
* Text-Align Option
* RTL and LTR Directions
* English and Turkish Language support
Note:If your site has a language other than Turkish or English maybe you should change it to English until editing module parameters.

Version 1.4
Links heading for joomla menu option added

Version 1.3
Select Joomla Menu or Enter your own links option
Show/Hide submenu items
Submenu start-end level

Version 1.0
Initial Version

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Reviews: 4
There was a bug in the component, which I posted in the developer's forum and within a few days the FREE plugin was updated and the bug was fixed!
Thanks for this plugin and the FREE support. Awesome!
Owner's reply

Thanks for review

Reviews: 1
I have tried this module. It is really working. Congratulation.
BUt, the target section is not working. Please fix it so that we can choose the target_blank function.
Thank you
Owner's reply

Hello target_blank function fixed. Please download version 1.2.

Reviews: 35
I am using this module on my portfolio site, which has not so many links in the navigation.

This module is only used for mobile devices, to avoid long lists on top of the content in smartphones.

It works great except that I can't remove the predefined links.

I really don't want my visitors to go to the site of the developer of this module.

Most if the genreal settings are in Turkish and I must say that it is quite uncomfortable and quite annoying.

Joomla is international and we are all weilling to accept an Joomla extension in English.

But Turkish is not really helpfull when working in Joomla.

This should be changed immediately. Make this module commercial and give better options please.

Best regards,

Rob van Linda
Owner's reply

All issues have been fixed. To remove links you just should write your own links and save the module. When you leave it blank it is automatically filled with default links. Anyway I ve removed all the links and settled the language problems. The new version can be downloaded now.

Reviews: 7
I really like the idea and it works as advertised. Just a couple of minor issues...The settings are not in English. When I tried to use less than 5 links in Link Group 1, I could not get rid of the sample links. A quick edit of the mod_jumpmenu.xml to remove the default links and link text fixed that.
Reviews: 11
This is nice little module, which i installed on a SSL website to use as a site switcher between global sites and local sites such as and

Couple of little issues need to be fixed (which i will contact the developers about and proberbly wont be a problem for most people.)

1. The translation in the backend is not complete, still alot of it appearing in turkish not english.

2. If your using the module to hyperlink to another website from an SSL website that does not have an SSL website the target website will not open. Needs a solution to be able to over-ride the ssl http protocal.

Other than that very nice module and very easy to use.
Owner's reply

The translation problems Will be fixed soon. The https problem may take time to solve. Thanks for review.