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Jquery Jumpmenu JT Module

Jquery Jumpmenu JT module allows you to list dropdown menu items. It uses jquery for dropdown selectbox.

Joomla 2.5 compatible
Enter up to 40 links
Module Heading
A lot of Display Options like Background Color, Link color eg.
15/11/2014 Jumpmenu is now joomla 3.x compatible
Note:In case of any conflict or jquery problems try to disable jquery on module parameters.

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Reviews: 33
I was excited about this module because it has some nice styling options -- which normally only come with paid-for select menu modules -- but it's not worth how poorly it works!

Instead of being able to assign an existing Joomla menu, you have to manually enter every link url and text! What's up with the 40 field limit too?

There's no way I can use this effectively on my site... maybe if I needed a tiny jump link menu that stayed under 5 links or something, but definitely no good for a template menu!
Owner's reply

This is a jumpmenu with dropdown selecctbox so you enter your own links for jumpmenus.