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Glassy Menu Module

Glassy Menu

This is a fashionable sliding menu, which can highlighted the important links.

Features (You can enable this features on admin interface):

* Menu position on the screen
o In which position do you want to show the menu items?
* Menu fixed to the browser
o Set yes if you want to fix the menu to the browser.
o Set no if you want to scroll with the page.
* The menu top position
o The menu top position (y-axis) from the (top of the browser/top of the site)
* Opacity
o The menu opacity when it is hidden
o Unlimited color varianton
You can choose different colors for each buttons with a colorpicker, so you are able to colorize the buttons to suit your tastes.
o Font chooser
With this new feature you can create totally different buttons by changing the styles, font family, decorations, size, etc. of the text that appears on the buttons.
o Cached contents
The buttons are loaded faster than before.

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Reviews: 1
I tried this Module on J1.5 and J1.7.
Menu is coming successfully but it is not active.
like when i load page it appears and move in side but when i mouse over the links or menu it is not responding like they r inactive :(
whats the solution

By the way this module is super awesome :)
Thanx Dev
Reviews: 2
Exactly waht I was looking for, but more importantly the backup was exceptional.

Needed to make a small change and support stuck with me to the end.

Keep up the good work developer.
Reviews: 18
Very nice indeed! i was looking for something that added interactivity to my site!

and this gave me a very nice menu, and the best thing is that i dont want to asign a menu item, but create my own custom menu set with internal and external links!

thanks developer!
Reviews: 7
I needed a simple and easy solution. Glassy Menu worked exactly as expected.

The only issue I ran into was using relative links on Windows 7 IE9 running in Browser mode IE8. In defense of the authors I did not contact them for technical support I just used absolute links instead.

I still give them a 5 star, outstanding work, looking forward to using some of their other extensions.
Reviews: 2
I was very impressed with this module.

It is simple and easy to use, however I only gave it 4 stars as it could use a few tweeks to make it excellent.

The items appear at the side of the screen which is nice, it would be great if you could choose at the side of the template sheet also, as bigger screens show the module way off to the side.

It would be useful to be able to choose not hide the buttons or allow them to stay out for longer then they do.

Another thing which would be very handy would be the option to use a current menu without having to write a whole new one.

the look and feel of the module are great though Well Done.