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Multicategories ComponentPlugin

Editor's Note
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Multicategories Component main features:

* multilevel category content site structure support;
* multicategory article support (single article can be assigned to several categories);
* deep visual and functional integration with Joomla!1.5;
* standard Joomla! Category association for auto adding articles to associated Multicategories Category;
* default caching system support;
* system SEF support;
* no core patches needed.

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Reviews: 1
If you have section menus this product will not work, as you are required to set up a category menu for articles to display.

I think it would be nice if this was clearly stated in the documentation. When I raised this to the developer I was told that I should have known this would have been the case if I had used logic.
Owner's reply

It looks like you are not familiar with Joomla! otherwise you should know that every component use its own menu item in order to be able to display its content. See here "Components are the major portion of your page because a component is driven by a menu item and every menu item runs a component."

Also you completely misunderstood the main purpose of the Multicategories Component. Since our extension is aimed to replace standard categorization system of Joomla! wich includes sections and categories. So it was not intended to support sections or deal with them in any way

Reviews: 3
Installed easily and integrated well. Had a smalkl problem which the developer fixed within a day. Highly recommended. One question is how to get Blog Layout to display all articles that have a sub-category in their list - I seem to only get articles with sub-category first in list. Will post to forum...
Reviews: 1
Great component! It does exactly what it says. Not much documented but it's not a big deal to understand how to use it. All you need to do is to assign your articles to appropriate categories and create one or more Multicategories' type menu item. As easy as that!
Reviews: 3
In terms of how it works - that part is really good. Just enable it, and it appears in the WYSIWYG editor. Select your categories and horray! it is working.

Unfortunately, articles on the home page do not link properly, but return an error message. The forum has a few hints to a solution, but do not work for me.

It seems that when you're already in one category, the article can be accessed. On a home page, the path is ambiguous - and the error message appears.

I would say this works really very well when you don't have an article that can be linked in multiple ways.
Reviews: 1
Firstly thank you for the product! My opinion is that the product must be changed, as when several categories - material takes a url of all these categories, as a result we have a mess in the face of the search engine. For example added to the 5 categories, as a result is identical to 5 articles. If you change the SEF to additional categories referred to the original, then it will be just fine. But for the moment the release is to add to the text of the tag "rel" and be indexed by robots.txt
Reviews: 1
Just perfect! Simple and easy, does what it says, saving a lot of time and trouble:)
Well done, I agree with the others, this should be included in the Joomla version.
Reviews: 1
Forget everything you've read about poor support for this great product. I got an immediate response with all needed files attached and a very detailed insight so I got my cake ready :-)

It's a great smart product that should definitly became part of the Joomla core.

Thanks again

Reviews: 2
I havent really tested this, but I find the way it works problematic. Unless you only have a few a articles. It works in the way that you have to assign an article, listed in one long list to every category. First you open category A and assign the article and then you have to go into category B and assign the same article and so on.
It really should be the other way around.
But for a small site with only 50-100 articles it will probably work fine.
Owner's reply

Another way exists! Go directly to an article (open it for editing) and click Multicategories button right under the editor textarea. The list of your categories should appear. Choose several categories for your article and click Select (you can use Ctrl + Click to select more than one item), then save the article

Reviews: 5
I just have one question. Why isn't this default in Joomla? Huge thanks to the developer. Donation is on the way!
Owner's reply

Thank you guys for the positive feedback! And for financial support of course:) About your question. Well I'm not sure if Joomla team would agree with that but we'll ask them

Reviews: 4
I use Joomla 2.5.5 and your moudule Multicategories Component for Joomla!2.5.
It is a excellent component, but there is a little problem that it goes to 404 error when I turn on SEF setting for global setting, I think it don't support SEF
I find your router.php is the same as com_content of the Joomla origional package, but it was failed on your Multicategories Component.
Another question is layout of category blog was broken
Owner's reply

Hi, thank you for your review of our component.

But actually Multicategories supports system SEF! It seems that problem is on your server - there must be a conflict with some 3rd party extension on your Joomla site. Anyway we cannot produce the error you described here on our server with clean Joomla installation. Try Multicategories on newly installed Joomla, and then install your other extensions one by one to determine which one causes the error.

The blog layout as well works well. We never noticed problems with it. I don't know for sure what you mean saying "broken", but I think you should try different template to check if the problem persists. I suggest you to try one of the Joomla preinstalled templates to define the cause of the problem

Reviews: 15
I installed within seconds, configured within minutes. It did exactly what it said it would and worked just fine. Great way to solve Joomla's weakness, without any hacking whatsoever. Congratulations to the author. Exceptional work!
Reviews: 1
Wow! What a product and what a deal! (FREE). I am putting together a pretty complex site and was rather surprised that Joomla! does not include basic features such as sub-section/category options or options to link articles to multiple categories and subcategories and cross linking. But after a lot of searching, and wanting to try to start with something free if possible with an extremely limited budget, I found this module/extension. At first it took a little bit of figuring out (the documentation helped), but then once I learned how to find the simple integration through the main menu subcategories option that came with the module, everything took off in rapid form. I was able to quickly and efficiently link the menu items to categories and subcategories with the module and integrate with Joomla basic tie together articles as desired. You can set up articles and link them either from the categories module or directly from the article (though a drop down link at the bottom of the article) and instantly link to pretty much any number of categories and subcategories just by clicking! That's it and you're done! I was even able to successfully bypass the sections area completely and go straight to categories and subcategories using the module to get everything done. This is probably the best module, besides the test editing modules, that I have come across for Joomla. I just about gave up on Joomla for some of my needs until I found this module. Very, very, very well done to the developers! The fact that you have contributed such a great quality product for free to the public makes you, in my mind, as legendary to the contribution to Joomla as the great editor modules. As the the tea cup on Beauty and the Beast said after playing with the inventor's experiment - "You guys have got to try this thing!"
Thank you and keep up the great work - it is very much appreciated!
Reviews: 2
I want a direct access for this exte. I wonted to not so the creator.... in categories... what mast to do ! Thanks!!!
Reviews: 1
If you want second level or third level category to come up in the category blog layout...wont happen. It would really have been very helpful if this option could somehow work.
Reviews: 4
This plugin is great and a real life saver. Takes a little while to figure out (maybe needs some better instructions) but its very easy to configure and set up.

Once its up and running its a REAL LIFE SAVER.. Thanks for making this..

ps. I had to change the CSS file on my template.css & layout.css as when I make the menu use this plugin as its preferred blog layout, it never put each of the articles in their own shaded box, but some CSS fixed that .. Also the hit counter will not appear with this plugin on my site..
Reviews: 31

well, it's a nice idea and a nice basic approach to solve the problem of the existing lack for multiple categories in Joomla. It's easy to install and nice to customize but there're still problems with some links to articles from modules which are not covered by this tool. The plugin pPGallery is also not supported.

Maybe there will be a more complete next version.

Thanks for the support
Rudolf Aigner
Owner's reply


about links to articles in modules we can say that we work on it and we even already made a modification of mod_latestnews module that you can find at Another modification of mod_mostread is in progress

about pPGalley we can just repeat what was said in our forum at - there is no problem with Multicategories, to get pPGallery work with Multicategories pPGallery developers should add support of Multicategories to their extension

Reviews: 1
This excellent component saves my life almost a year. I recommend it to anyone who needs more than 2 levels structure website as a musthave extension. Many thanks to author!
Reviews: 1
I include file in my articles using "Attachments for content articles" extension (
I have assigned two categories (with "Multicategories") to my articles and than I have created one menu-item of type "multicategories" for each category. Now when I click on the menu-item I get the list of all articles associated with the specific multicategory. But the articles don't display the table with the attachments.
Reviews: 1
I need two things for my site:

1. In category blog, it should show the article as thumbnails only, that will link to the real article when it is clicked. I use the BK-Multithumb.

2. I need multi category for my article. I've already tried another multi category extension. But in category blog, it doesn't cooperate with BK-Multithumb. The articles are shown fully, not thumbnailed.

This MULTICATEGORIES extension solves it :)
Great job.

PS: I still have one problem with the breadcrumbs. The category/menu created by MULTICATEGORIES is not shown by breadcrumbs once we arrive to the article. Joomla breadcrumbs is still using old joomla category on it.
Reviews: 2
I really enjoyed using this component, and found it to be a really quick install and quite functional. The only drawbacks I faced were minor CSS disruptions and the inability to use Jcomments in accordance with Multi-Categories. Since my comment system is quite important to my site, I wasn't able to use this component to the best of its ability.
Owner's reply

Multicategories support will be added in JComments in the next version. Currently it can be implemented by making some simple modifications into JComments. You can find the solution at,2241.0.html

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