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Multicategories ComponentPlugin

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Multicategories Component main features:

* multilevel category content site structure support;
* multicategory article support (single article can be assigned to several categories);
* deep visual and functional integration with Joomla!1.5;
* standard Joomla! Category association for auto adding articles to associated Multicategories Category;
* default caching system support;
* system SEF support;
* no core patches needed.

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Reviews: 1
Thank you for wonderfull extension! As a native joomla core don't have subcategories this is the good solution which can solve this problem without changing of joomla core code as jSoblod for exsample. So it can be easely updated or removed. Easy to use simply choose subcategoriy type item while creating new menu item to necessary settings and enjoy multilevel categories.
Great job! Well done;) Waiting for updates.
Reviews: 1
i tried to install it on 1.5.15 and i got a blank screen , also it does not support seo friendly links .
Owner's reply

Please report the details of your problem in our Forum and we will try to fix it as soon as possible. Also SEO plugin is already under construction, it will be implemented in version 1.0.4

Reviews: 8
I had to go with jseblod CCK just to use the multi-categories function. If all you need is multi subcategories and want to keep it simple and light, this is definitely your solution. I would recommend this download thousand times! Thanks guys!
Reviews: 2
Simple, fast, excellent !
"Single article can be assigned to several categories" and articles can be assigned from the category ich is very useful.

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