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Zazulu Multiple Categories Multiple Articles Module

This is a fast and easy way to have multiple articles listed with in multiple categories. Just use the "Filter Keywords" to define the same keyword in the article as in the module. You can define multiple keywords in both by separating them with commas. The backlink is part of the package so please leave it if you use the plugin, but otherwise this is FREE :)

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Reviews: 2
it's real good job! thanks!!!

one question.
can you make mark to current item in articles list?
Owner's reply

Can you explain the "make mark to current article" a bit more elaborate?

Reviews: 1
This Extension is inacurately described. It does NOT enable you to put articles in several categories! So that you could for example show an article in different category blogs.

This just creates a list of article tiltes filtered after keywords. Usefull in some cases, but not what I was looking for.
Owner's reply

I had to choose a name that was as close as possible to what the module does, which was something that I thought on quite a bit. Sorry if it was not what you thought it would be.

It does allow you to create a secondary taxonomy association with user defined keywords in the module and articles and matches based on those to pull individual articles into lists. I am trying to get flexible taxonomies into the next major release, which is like the biggest needed feature in Joomla to make it as flexible as WP.

In the end I had to choose a name and knew I wouldn't be able to please everyone with it. I am glad for those that it has helped out of a tuff situation however, and I think this title comes closer then "User defined keyword matching module" which was the number 2 choice.

Thanks and please feel free to leave specifics of what you had hoped to find and I will see if I can address those in the next major release.

Reviews: 1
The principle is excellent, and the video is very helpful. Personally, I would have appreciated a step-to-step tutorial.
Owner's reply

Thanks, I really wish this was a core component already. On the step by step, video or written?