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FJ Related Articles Blog and List Component Component

New version for Joomla! Version 3.2 and 3.1! Now FJ Related Component uses Tags instead of keywords for easy maintenance and fast processing.

Break free from Joomla's single Category restriction. Did you ever want to put an article into two or more categories? List selected articles from multiple categories? Create a blog or list based on author?

This component allows you to create a blog or list layout based on tags or keywords and author. So you can create any number of menu items showing articles based on any combination of tags or keywords.

* Create blog or list layouts exactly like the standard Category blog and list layouts, but using tag or keyword and author matching instead of Category.
* Optional match on Author or Author Alias as well as keywords.
* Option to include articles with ANY matching keywords or only articles where ALL keywords match.
* Option to limit articles based on Section or Category.
* Option to show matching keywords and sort based on best match.
* November 7, 2013: Version 3.0.0 now available for Joomla versions 3.2 and 3.1.
* January 7, 2010: Version 1.0.10 now available. Allows you to select Published or Archived. Also allows editing from layouts.
* August 29, 2009: Version 1.0.7 now available. Allows you to create a blog or list without needing an Intro Article. Also, allows you to show all articles written by the currently logged in user.
* June 9, 2009: Version 1.0.6 now available. This adds a new option to use an exact match on keywords. So keyword lists must have the same words and be in the same order to match.
* May 7, 2009: Version 1.0.5 now available. This adds a new parameter that allows you to link to other FJ Related menu items instead of articles. If a related article is an Intro Article for another FJ Related menu item, you can link to this menu item instead of to the article.
* April 12, 2009: Version 1.0.4 now available. It fixes problem with upgrades causing Into Article to be lost. Also adds Italian langage.
* March 12, 2009: Version 1.0.3 now available. It fixes minor display problem.

Here is how it works. You create an article with the desired keywords and author information. Then you create a blog or list layout and select this article for the menu item. That's all there is to it! The blog or list layout will show all articles that match the keywords and author information of the menu item's article.

See the Demo page for a quick tour of what you can do.

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Reviews: 9
"Create blog or list layouts exactly like the standard Category blog and list layouts, ..." it says in the JED description. If it only were true :( But unfortunately it isn't. It is a good attempt though. And yes, the component may come in handy on occasion. But it's definitely not an exact category blog look alike. For that, it lacks a few important options and still needs some polishing.
Reviews: 1
Thanks a lot,

this gift for the community
is very very helpful,hope i
can do something in the future
for the community too!

Thanks again!
Reviews: 2
Great, incredible, perfect.
My proble to show a single article in many categories are solved !

Congratulations !!
Reviews: 1
This is the most flexible extension I've found (and I've tried many!) It allows the use of the keyword field in articles as tags (or categories) from which to generate lists in just about any combination needed. I've been using K2 (for it's tagging system) in the past to give me this functionality but it's always felt a bit restricted in its implementation. No more K2 for me (as I don't need any of the other functions it offers and most can already be found in stock Joomla! anyhow)
Reviews: 9
description says: Did you ever want to put an article into two or more categories?

I say: yes! But it does not look as if this component is able to put an article into two or more categories. It's something different about article keywords an blog layout showing related articles.

This product does not what I expected. I am looking for a multiple articles solution. And that's why I was looking into this category: Multi categorization.
Reviews: 1
Until now I have used this component for my few site. It is easy to config and install. Keep your work. thanks
Reviews: 2
I was using another plugin that made a copy of the article and then added it to another category, resulting in extra directories in the url. This was exactly what I was looking for. A link to the original post and the original link. Thank you!!
Reviews: 2
Great work!

Can i ask, why there is no any featured order in blog layout options?

I`ve created one custom in com_content, but i have realy troubles to apply in FJ_Related.

I hope that you have solution for this one!

Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 1
Had been duplicating articles so they could be listed under different categories until I found this. Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 14
Great extension! Cannot believe that being free it outdoes the expensive ones by quite a bit. Taken a while to set up (purely because of my own "senior moment"), but seems to be doing just what I wanted - have a main article at the top, and other articles that talk about same stuff listed underneath starting with most recent (although, there were plenty of other options).
Really quite flexible and works well, the only very very minor down side is that it is a little bit confusing to start with to understand how to set it up. But not worth reducing the rating for that. :)

Well done!
Reviews: 1
First of all - thanks for an extension,
it works fine, but I have problem (or question):

is there any possibility to change a link?
because it is very long, and non-informative at all.

thank you in a advance for reply
Reviews: 14
Amazing !!
I searched a component able to alow multi categories, because the problem in Joomla 1.5 is that you can't make sub categories...
So I test this one and was very happy that this component can make menu wich show all articles that have same keyword in meta , very useful and easy to use.
Thanks a lot to share this free with Joomla community !
Reviews: 1
Awesome component, solves a huge problem. Worked fine for me straight out of the box, easy to set up (takes less than 5 minutes) and even easier to use. Does exactly what it says it does.

Thank you for a great component :D
Reviews: 2
this Component It's really great.
Thanks for this very good work.
i have a question.... can i display the resaults all together with a multichoice menu (with dropdown, check box etc)? and how can i do this...
Reviews: 2
This is my third review in 9 years of being a member, installed this component on 1,7 and had it running in 45 seconds flat.
This or something like it should be part of Joomla.
Well done and thanks you.
Note: to those confused ones, you need to ad the keywords not only on the menu but also on the metadata keywords box for the article you want to display on it.
Reviews: 9
I have followed all documentation for this Component and no matter what I do it displays "No Related Articles Found". As far as I am concerned, it doesn't work.
Owner's reply

Hi. If you are having problems, please post a question in the Help forum. Here is the link:


Reviews: 2
He was standing on a project without knowing how. If duplicate items or categories. This extension has saved my life. Thank you!
Reviews: 1
it is great and easy to install and work on, but i faced a problem, i have an author with more than 120 articles, and i did put his name in the keyword, still it did get like 40 articles and displayed them, but the rest i cant find a way to list all the articles of this author or any other. is there a way that we can link authors to the blogs so it will be displayed perfectly with no problems??? or else i will have no use of it. i hope there is a way to fix this because it is a great component.
Owner's reply

Hi. If you have a question or think there is a bug, the best way to get it resolved is to ask for help on the Help Forum. Here is the link:


Reviews: 5
Until now I use this component for showing the logged in users articles of specific categories or (multiple) SECTIONS in nice blog layout, only. Never thought, it could be a difficulty to find the right extension for this. This extension does it in a flow, it lasts two minutes to install it and to create your menu items. It shows the articles exactly in the articles cck-introtext-layout - this is, how it should work. The extension is intuitiv and without any hint of difficulty. Now I see the possibilities of arranging articles by keywords, too and have to think about how to use this manifold skill! Thanks a lot for this great, great extension!
Reviews: 31
well, it's a nice idea and a nice basic approach to solve the problem of the existing lack for multiple categories in Joomla. It's easy to install and nice to customize but there're still problems with some links to articles (breadcrumbs) which are not covered by this tool.
Maybe there will be a better next version.
Rudolf Aigner
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