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Link Checker Plugin

Easiest way to get your links autoverified (auto check for HTTP status codes) each time you see the page where it placed.

Good links will be highlighted with green arrow, bad will highlighted with red arrow.

Your visiters now will always click only good and valid links.

Fully compatible with Linux and Windows Apache web servers.

To prevent spam link checking we recommend enable System Cache.

Report Extension



Reviews: 1
Pro: The extension installed easily enough. Con: Could not use it because of the lack of documentation as what to do after installation. Even after enabling it, it doesn't appear to be doing anything.
Reviews: 1
I installed this tool (joomla 2.5.8) and activated the module without any problems. This tool checks links in articles and not in weblinks (which I was actually looking for).
It's working, but page loading time increases and the number users at of "who's online" are increasing also.
Reviews: 4
Installed it, enabled it. Loaded website. Found error messages all over the front page. De-installed it.
Reviews: 11
Very simple and effective. I have it viewable to editors etc only and it makes life much easier to login and see instantly where fixes are needed.
Reviews: 3
Very useful extension. I have hundreds of links in one of my sites, and it is very tedious to check all links by hand. This saves a lot of time.