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Open external links in new window Plugin

Many times we put external links on our website and forget to make its target="_blank" and hence we make our website visitors leave our website by redirecting them to other websites. Following are the features of this plugin

-->This plugin makes all the external links open in a new window on your joomla website.
-->The plugin runs a jquery which will add target="_blank" for all your external links
-->It will skip those external links whose target has been purposely set by you to target="_parent"
-->You can also configure it to work in joomla backend as wel

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Reviews: 2
Awesome work guys...made my life so much easier...thanks a what its made for like a charm...
Reviews: 14
This plugin works wonderfully with one exception I found. Though I had jquery disabled in the plugin's options, this plugin causes issues with Jomsocial's Mini Calendar on the event creation page. User unable to select event date (not calendar popup) as long as external links plugin is enabled.
Owner's reply

Hi theGrindLab,

Can you tell me which version of Jomsocial you are using ? as we just checked and did not find any such issue with our plugin.


Reviews: 35
how could it be easier? install it, and all your external links now open in a new window (or tab).

This worked perfectly the instant I installed it.

Because my site is already loading JQuery, I disabled the JQuery in this plugin's parameters, as they advise.
Reviews: 28
I didnt want visitors to leave my site when they clicked on external links, and was therefore looking for a solution that could handle this.

Simply install and activate this plugin, and all external links now open in a new tab.

Simple, easy, and just what I needed!

Thanks a lot to the developer.
Reviews: 4
Thanks for this useful extension!

A great feature would be to add an (optional) icon to each external link. The plugin "mfBlank" (Joomla 1.0/1.5 only) did this in a perfect way...
Reviews: 10
It worked perfect for me. I disabled the backend option and turn jquery on because otherwise roksprocket was not working properly. It saved me a lot of time. Thank you so much. The only little bad thing is the horrible virtuemart process of getting the product : (
Reviews: 3
After a long, convoluted registration process to get the extension I installed it.

There's an issue with JQuery which is either on or off for the entire site through the plugin; with a number of other extensions using JQuery this makes configuring each one of them a pain.

But the big problem for me is that when the plugin is turned on it makes my popup windows appear on a new page and no longer in a popup which is a real pain.

Looks like I'm going to have to uninstall this -- it needs a lot more thought before it is working efficiently.
Reviews: 2
I have used this extension for quiet some time and it was very useful.

Saved me a lot of work changing the "TARGET" tag.

Suddenly, my Joomla backend stopped working just to figure out it was a problem cause by the jQuery of the extension and I had to sadly disable it!

I encourage fixing it up and call people to use it =)
Owner's reply

Hi mchebib,

You can disable the plugin in the joomla backend by changing the plugin params. It is pretty simple. Just do the following

1. Log into backend
2. Go to plugin manager
3. Open the plugin ext_blank
4. Set Enable in backend to no
5. Save


Reviews: 9
My first website completed in Joomla and every link was opening in same frame. It isn't a good idea when it is a secure page and back track to the area the link pulled you from.

I was told to override whatever modules and was provided a link to get more information. I have posted on many forums and looked in search engines to learn more about the override feature.

I don't want to learn everything about development. I am a designer and these small things are time consuming.

Thank you for being one of the smart developers that creates non-commercial solutions without needing to figure that out too.