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Short Links ComponentModule

** 2012-07-14: Please upgrade your Joomla installation to the current 2.5.x release. **
Shortlink won't officially support older releases anymore. In special cases you might have a look at the sources at GitHub, there you'll find dedicated branches for older Joomla releases.

** 2012-04-16: a current package working for Joomla 2.5 can be found at **
Please give it a try and me some feedback. Thanks!

** 2012-04-09: I'm currently working on a transition from the joomlacode repository to github. Old downloads can still be found at but future releases will be available at **

Component using short phrases to redirect the user to a specific website or article. Links to articles or external sites are shortened like this (the example will lead to the joomla homepage.):

'shortlink' is the short phrase defined to lead the visitor to another url or article.

The component shows some statistics about the number of hits.
The optional module may be configured to either let the visitor enter the phrase or to choose one from the complete list of available shortlinks.

When using Shortlink, you may also find the content plugin "TitleLink" useful. TitleLink comes with included support for this component! See,com_mtree/task,viewlink/link_id,427/Itemid,35/ for details.

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Reviews: 1
We've used Shortlink for a few years to grant non-logged in users access to specific URL/article via an access code. I've searched endlessly for a similar extension as we're preparing for Joomla 3, but unfortunately there seems to be none.
Looks like there's been no action taken on this component in a few years. Here's hoping it might be updated to work with Joomla 3, as Joomla plans to phase out support for 2.5 in Dec. 2014.
Would pay for it if it existed.
Reviews: 1
A good componente to make long links short. I will use it to shorten long links with piwik campagnes.

What could be better:
If you use SEO url in your joomla you have to copy the link to an article manually. The componente only refers to the ID, wich is not working for me.
Reviews: 2
Shortlink resolved a big issue we had, as we needed a way to "passkey" redirect people to certain articles without making them become registered users.
We use joomla 1.5 and are looking to upgrade to 2.5, so as previous reviewers, we'd love to see an update on this.
Also, by default the word "shortlink" appears in the field box, which means nothing to most users and is potentially confusing. I overwrote it in the language file to say "Pass Key"
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review!
For an update to Joomla 2.5, please try the downloads at

Reviews: 1
This is a fantastic extension and you can make it work with Joomla 1.6/1.7 by adding two lines of code.

Very simple to use and adds functionality that should probably be added to base Joomla.

My only wish would be that it would pass the query along to the search engine if it wasn't found in the shortlink list.

Other than that, two thumbs up!
Reviews: 1
This pluging/component is very useful for my J15 site structure. But now, I need to upgrade my site to J17. I want to donate to encourage the upgrade of this component! Please, upgrade to J16/J17!
Owner's reply

Please have a look at my answer to the similar question below: I'll have a look at it next week, but I cannot tell any date when an upgraded release will be available.

Reviews: 6
For me this is one of the essential exts within J15. Easy install, transparent handling, stable function, period. As I´d like to upgrade my site to J17 I´d be very interested to know WHETHER this functionality will be upgraded to J17 in near future. I´d "even" donate to encourage it. A statement here would be very appreciated.
Owner's reply

Generally answering your question: I'm going to release an upgrade compatible with Joomla 1.7. Nevertheless I cannot declare any date when I can give you an update, but I will try to have a look at it next week.

Reviews: 3
I was looking for this kind of extension for a long time. Now I just found this extension. This extension provides transparent URL redirection to other sites from my site. Thanks for your work.
Reviews: 2
I love this component... Shorter is the beter!!

Thanks so much
Reviews: 1
That's very very great! I had found a com like that for long long time!

If you want to let real URL hide in back, Just try it!!
Thanks for author! so much!
Reviews: 1
I needed a way to make short cuts for my docman downloads to use phplist for tracking these links on email marketing messages. I used the short links component to create the short cut urls for my emails, I really like the results. Good tool !