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Qlue Sitemap ComponentPlugin

This simple and lightweight component collects information from your Joomla! site to generate a basic sitemap. By default it allows you to display an HTML sitemap of your website and has the ability to show in XML format for search engines.

Updated for Joomla 3.

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Reviews: 5
A very useful extension for any Joomla site. Quick and easy to install and configure from your menu option on your site.

A useful method to boost your website rankings on the search engines.
Reviews: 15
One of the easiest sitemaps ever. You just install it, take ling and feed it to Google.
Working like a charm.
(only bad thing - not yet updated for Joomla 3)
Reviews: 1
This extension is a simple and great one. Instructions are very clear. I was able to install the extension in very short time and it works perfectly. Thanks for good work.
Reviews: 7
I'm impressed, did exactly what I needed it to do. Nothing fancy, but it will provide a sitemap that you can publish under a menu item providing quick links to content, menu items, and I guess categories (I didn't activate this plug-in). By disabling the appropriate plug-in you can limit what gets displayed. Good work, and thank you.
Reviews: 2
Works as advertised. Hopefully in the next version, it will allow editing of the sitemap.
Reviews: 24
This is easy to setup and use and just ads to your site!! Thank you for your hard work..we love it!!
Reviews: 3
Sitemap Qlue component is easy to use and simple. The documentation is very clear and easy to follow! I used this component to generate a great sitemap in a very short time.
Reviews: 23
Easy to use component.

Generated a comprehensive site, but the 2.5 version also included Special level as well as Registered and Public articles, and couldn't find any parameters to get around this.

Gave it a four for that reason.

Apart from that no probs. Does what it says on the tin.
Reviews: 1
I tried several components to generate a sitemap, however, this was the only one capable of generating all the links to all the pages I had created, using SEBLOD, for a listing. Sitemap Qlue component is able to track all links beyond the menu items. It's so effective that list even items for which there is no associated menu item. In addition, the documentation is very clear and easy to follow step by step. As a suggestion for the developer: would be good if in the list of "Retrieved Links" had check-boxes to select what you want to appear in the sitemap.