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Xmap is a Site map generator component for Joomla. Xmap allows you to create a map of your site using the structure of your menus. Some of Xmap's features are:
* Capability to create more than one sitemap with different preferences for each sitemap.
* Generation of XML sitemaps compatible with Google, Yahoo, Bing and others.
* Cache system to allow a fastest sitemap generation. Ideally for large or high traffic sites. You can enable or disable this feature independently for each sitemap.
* Exclude easily any menu item from your site map directly from the frontend
* Option to compress the XML sitemap
* Better presentation of the XML sitemap on browsers.
* Compatibility with Joomla 1.5, Joomla 1.6 and Joomla 1.7
* You can specify the priority and change frequency params for each menu and now for every item in your site map.
* You can change the priority and change frequency for every item in your sitemap.
* Shows some statistical information for each sitemap:
o Las visit date.
o Number of links generated on the last visit.
o Number of visits.
* There is available a lot of plugins for the most popular components: Zoom, DOCman, VirtueMart, Fireboard, SMF, Hot Property, SOBI2, Mosets Tree, MyBlog, RSG and many others.
* Customization for each extension

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Reviews: 3
I Installed this extension today. It took about 15 minutes to set it up. Works great.

I originally was interested in something that would build a site map for Google. I was able to add a link Google to my Google account, Webmasters Tools Dashboard, my primary goal. Xmap generates the link for you.

This also makes links for site map additions to my menus and articles. You can have multiple site maps, with different menus used to generate a map. You can make mini maps to include as links in various articles if you like. It generates the links for you to paste.

Adding menu items to my sites(s) was straight-forward. Xmap generates the links to paste. It adds an option to the Menu Manager Menu Item Type List to simplify this. Just follow your nose in the Menu Manager.

My only suggestion would be a set of notes, with a sample setup scenario, on the authors website. It is easy to use but does involve a bit of looking around.

If you are brand new to Joomla (I am not), you may get a bit frustrated. If you know the typical use of extensions, components, pop-up windows, etc. your OK.

Thanks for you great extension.
Reviews: 41
You won't find an easier extension for generating a site map. Installs and configures in seconds, plus it provides the ability to add plugins for other components. Very nice work!
Reviews: 5
Does exactly what it says it does, and neatly integrates in with a host of other modules. Provides an XML link for Yahoo and Google when you're done, and automatically updates when you change the site. What more could you ask for?

Dave Simpson
Aboutimage Design & Photography
Reviews: 2
It works fine. The component is easy to use and good to have :). Thanks and keep up the good work !
Reviews: 6
Guillermo's support and willingness to help make his product better and more user friendly forces me to give this an extra star over and above the product itself doing exactly what it is meant to do.
Reviews: 1
Installed really easily. A little adjustment and resending needed to get big G on board, but the other engines got it right away.
Now, the seearch engines are visiting automatically whenever changes are made and its working just fine. Keep up the great work guys - you rock!
Reviews: 3
XMap is really nice sitemap mod - the only one that worked for me. It's really fast and easy to install, but it lacks a couple features. One is ability to exclude particular menu items from menu. And the second is pinging the search engines after sitemap is generated. Other stuff is quite good.
Reviews: 25
Xmap is a first class extension for creating good quality, no-nonsense sitemaps for Joomla 1.0 and 1.5 sites. I use it on my virtuemart 1.1.1 sites and it works a treat. I have had a problem getting it to work on a VM 1.1.2 site but I have high hopes that it will be fixed soon! Very few other extensions give you the ability to create a VM tree down to the VM category/product level. It is my standard sitemap tool.
Reviews: 2
I just installed on my site and everything seems to be fine. Installation was fast and easy. Maybe a better access to the XML to make easier to communicate it to the search engines would be appreciated.
Reviews: 2
It took me a very few minutes to install and set up. Works great on bilingual Joomfish site. Does what is supposed to do visually (I'm not an expert on SEO). Thanks!
Reviews: 3
Sitemaps are important for indexing on search engines. This component is the best sitemap solition for Joomla!.
Reviews: 8
from the Installation to the configuration process (I did not have to do anything after the installation), the process was easy, simple and fast. I had to email the owner and got a response within the hour. The issue I was having with Xmap was actually fault and not the component. I would recommend this component and I am glad that I removed Joomap and installed Xmap for it gives me exactly what I was looking for and it worked flaulessly with Google Webmaster Tools. I would give it a 5 Stars rating. Keep up the good work and look forward for new component/modules and plugins from Guillermo Vargas. Once again, thank you for the good component and your assistance in fixing my mistake.
Reviews: 6
Tout à fait ce que je cherchais : un module qui s'installe facilement, qui affiche directement le plan du site, me fourni l'URL pour les moteurs de recherche, possède un support actif, bref que du bonheur ! Si tous les modules pouvaient être de ce type....

Exactly the mod I was searching for : easy to install, immediatly fonctionnal, give me simply the URL for the crawler and it have an activ support. If all mods could be like this....
Reviews: 7
i love this component so much that i'm going to marry it! easy to install & configure right out of the box.
Reviews: 2
Brilliant component, very easy to use and install. Congratulations guys! ;)
Reviews: 9
I believe this component should be one of the core components in joomla, this is a very useful tool and is easy to use
Reviews: 7
Thanks to the developer for a very nice component that does exactly what it is supposed to do.
Reviews: 3
10 Stars!! I can't say enough good things about this component. If you want to market your site with the search engines, then look no further than Xmap.

Product worked as advertised. I was amazed at how granular I could get with the settings. It's powerful yet easy to use.

I went to the forum for help with something I wasn't doing right, and got KIND COURTEOUS help from Guillermo Vargas within minutes. It just doesn't get any better than this. It's guys like this that give open source a good name! I donated! I hope you do too so we can keep these hard working guys in the game. Thanks again!
Reviews: 11
An excellent component, simple to install and configure. Now happy to announce it supports the brilliant JoomSuite Resources (formerly Content).

Download it today!
Reviews: 5
I used jcrawler for awhile on several Joomla sites and it worked well enough... But when I decided to try Xmap I was blown away! This is an awesome component!
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