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Xmap is a Site map generator component for Joomla. Xmap allows you to create a map of your site using the structure of your menus. Some of Xmap's features are:
* Capability to create more than one sitemap with different preferences for each sitemap.
* Generation of XML sitemaps compatible with Google, Yahoo, Bing and others.
* Cache system to allow a fastest sitemap generation. Ideally for large or high traffic sites. You can enable or disable this feature independently for each sitemap.
* Exclude easily any menu item from your site map directly from the frontend
* Option to compress the XML sitemap
* Better presentation of the XML sitemap on browsers.
* Compatibility with Joomla 1.5, Joomla 1.6 and Joomla 1.7
* You can specify the priority and change frequency params for each menu and now for every item in your site map.
* You can change the priority and change frequency for every item in your sitemap.
* Shows some statistical information for each sitemap:
o Las visit date.
o Number of links generated on the last visit.
o Number of visits.
* There is available a lot of plugins for the most popular components: Zoom, DOCman, VirtueMart, Fireboard, SMF, Hot Property, SOBI2, Mosets Tree, MyBlog, RSG and many others.
* Customization for each extension

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Reviews: 2
A very innovative component. The developer has made it compatible even with Joomla 1.6 ...

It's one of the components I used on my latest site and I'm very happy.
Reviews: 3
Today I uninstalled an earlier version of XMap and installed the latest version. The bugs noticed in the earlier version are now gone and you can actually access the options and preferences of XMap.

What is also nice is that the urls for XMap are now available in XMap. My site is 1.5.22, and I made XMap into a two column and it display nicely on the front end.

All I had to do was make an XMap element of the Main Menu so that users can click on XMap in the Main menu to see the site map. Now I am satisfied.
Reviews: 2
I tried several sitemap generator, what i can commend is ... Xmap works great !
But be careful during installation, you have to install the component first, after that install the plugin from within the component, otherwise you'll encounter the preferences function wouldn't load.

Anyway a 9/10 extension. Thanks
Reviews: 1
I just love it! No extra CSS, you can even exclude the Menu items by ID.
Reviews: 11
You basically get a Sitemap page that seamlessly integrates into most templates. On top of that, it automatically generates XML files for search engines - a service that is usually premium-priced.

Big thanks to the developer!
Reviews: 6
This is good Component, I like it, is useful, but not working with Mootools 1.2.4
Reviews: 16
One of the best, most straightforward extensions I have installed.
Does the job perfectly, as set and is very easy to set up.

The Kunena Extension for XMap, sadly does not operate well.
Reviews: 2
Fast , easy and reliable.Just what i needed!
Reviews: 8
This is a great extension and I appreciate all of your hard work in creating it. Thanks for sharing it with us!
Reviews: 3
Wow worked first time and like a dream. Very little config to get working which is great, and getting the xml file....easy. Great work. Any chance of an Intellectual Property extension...please.
Reviews: 1
At first sight this component and plugin seems more than okay! But my hoster had upgraded his PHP to version 5.3. Unfortunately this component produces 'deprecated' warnings. I hope there is an update soon, because I think this component is okay.
Reviews: 3
Exellent component! Just what I needed for my site!
Reviews: 6
Creating a site map is with Xmap is simple and simply the best.

Probably the quickest extension for me to download, install and get working.

It is easy or my understanding is increasing. Actually it is both.
Reviews: 3
Awesome component! It took 5 minutes to download, install, and have a working site map page linked from a menu item. Thanks!
Reviews: 5
I have used Joomap, upon which this component is built, to great effect on a number of sites but Joomap doesn't appear to have been updated for a while and didn't work properly for me on my latest virtuemart site.

Xmap has picked up the baton and works really well - although it may take those unfamiliar with joomap a while to figure it out. Only problem I had was that the option to edit menu items included in the map didn't work in Firefox (worked fine in Chrome though). Also there is a link to the author which is on by default but which can be switched off in preferences.

It's great to have a properly working sitemap again - thanks to the authors and also the original author of joomap.
Reviews: 6
I love the simplicity of the component. Nothing fancy, yet it works perfectly. Thank you for such an amazing sitemap generator!
Reviews: 2
Being fairly new to Joomla! I'm trawling the extensions library for a list of must haves for future sites. This is definitely one of them for me.

It was easy to install and to get going and although I haven't tried out everything that it can do, it's working a treat so far.

I've given it an excellent review, because for me it is, but the sites I'm working on are pretty simple and I can't speak for how good it is if you want an all singing, all dancing sitemap!

Great work though and much appreciated - thanks.
Reviews: 1
Outstanding. Dynamic and works beautiful!!!
Reviews: 2
I was recently tasked with creating a sitemap for the company website, which was developed in Joomla 1.5. I thought I would give this a shot and am glad I did! A cinch to set up, you simply install it, tell it which menu system you would like to use. Then add a menu item to the sitemap component and like magic the sitemap is generated for you. Saved what could have been a LOT of work for me.
Reviews: 1
i like this extension but i only have a litlle problem ... how can i delete sitemap id , because now iam on sitemap id 9 , and even when i had deleted sitemap id 1 till 8 , google webmaster tool still detect them , so how can i delete all this old ids and begin from id 1
thanks for this extension
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