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GoTop Plugin

Simple and free content-plugin to show a 'go to top of page' text- or image-link. Very useful when having very long articles or contents lists.
Activate this plugin and insert: {gotop} in the content/article where the link shall appear.
The following plugin-admin options are available:
-custom link text or
-custom link icon (selectable from Joomla!s image directory)
-custom link tile-text (popup/tooltip-title)
-custom width for link (click) area
-custom css code possible
-if desired, place a horizontal line above and/or below the link
-option to choose whether the gotop-link shall appear on printed pages or not.
(this plugin requires the browser's Javascript to be activated!)
[valid xhtml]

3.1.0 (for J1.6+ only):
-bug fix: image-path corrected (when J! is not installed
in root directory)

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Reviews: 1
This "Go to Top" of page plugin is absolutely wonderful! Installs in seconds. Works right out of the box as intended. You can use it as many times as you like on a page with no limitations! This Bad Boy really rocks! Thanks CS. Can't thank you enough!

If you are looking for a "Go to the top of the page" link/function/button, this is it!

Reviews: 2
Very useful, easy to use and customizable.