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Maxi breadcrumbs CK Module

This breadcrumb is designed to work with the the module Maximenu CK. It manages description and delete the parameters as [col], ||, etc.
You can choose to show or not the description of the links in the pathway.

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Reviews: 3
Small, simple, light, and it keeps it promise!

Good job to the developer that's a great script.
Installation can't be easier.
Reviews: 31
so sad always the good developers go victims of prejudging & misunderstanding , misusing of their product , i am using 3 of your Modules and always before i drop a review,,,i test the product aswell and if i have any problem ,,i ask the forum then i give my review ,,,keep the good work,,,your products are great, ,,i hope people see that you are offering a lot of good modules & plugins,component and SUPPORT for FREE !!!!,,,much respect ,,wishing you more success with new products :)
Owner's reply

hi, thank you for your great review and all your encouragements, it makes me happy

Reviews: 2
I highly recommend using the maxibreadcrumbs with the MaxiMenuCK module, these modules are top notch and really make your site stand out from the competition.

My compliments and thanks to the developer!
Reviews: 2
It doesn't erase description so it's useless. I don't want have pathway like this: Home bla bla blabla bla blabla bla bla | Subpage bla bla blabla bla bla | page
Owner's reply

You could have asked me for this feature. But you didn't.