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Page Navigation With Titles Plugin

This plugin replaces the previous/next navigaton links by the titles of the corresponding articles.

The plugin can be configured to turn on/off the arrows. Position of the navigation bar can be set to above, below or both. A configurable static text can be placed before the article title.

All css classes can be configured to easily adapt the plugin for Joomla! 2.5, 3.x

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Reviews: 6
Solved a probleme with the yootheme master2 template in 10 minutes.
Reviews: 1
Nothing much to say, but an easy, simple extension that works.
Reviews: 1
Solves a problem that has been bugging me for ages. Just download from here, upload into you Joomla installation, select using Plug-in manager, and it works.
Remember to disable any previous navigation plug-in you had
Reviews: 4
easy and fast download without registration!

easy and fast install

extremely user friendly ans useful
Reviews: 1
Working perfectly in one minute. My new template had a display problem with Page Navigation Joomla and I installed this Plugin, then all ok. Thanks.
Reviews: 2
Mario replied within a DAY, to answer a question, - He was friendly, informative, and gave prompt & effective advice without asking for a dime - And, everything works great. Thank you M for your work, donation for your work is coming next!
Reviews: 5
It works perfectly, it is exactly what I wanted!

Special thanks to Mario Zimmermann for the excellent support!
Reviews: 11
Does what it says it will do but it could be better if it showed next/previous articles across categories not just the category the viewed article is in. It seems quite a few people have the same wish so maybe the developer could make something out of this as I would happily pay $5-8 to "upgrade" this plugin if he released this option.
Reviews: 5
I needed an easy way to navigate through a list of hundreds of articles. This mod does the trick. Each to install, running in five minutes.
Reviews: 4
Very good ! You saved my afternoon ! Not only works fine, but ... it works ! My template seemed not to like the original joomla plugin and my nav links did not show at all.
Many thanks.
Reviews: 3
Useful and working extension.
Thank you!
Reviews: 1
Thank you for this perfect extension.

We are looking forward Joomla 3.0 compatible version.
Reviews: 3
The only thing i'd change is :

In the native j2.5 pagenavi, the arrows are part of the link itself, so they are INSIDE the a-tag. I'd adjust the code likewise for all the 'noobs' that cannot change that themselves.

The plugin works great and just as expected.
thumbs up!
Reviews: 1
On my site, this plugin doesn't REPLACE the page navigation, it adds to it. So now, I have the Next/Prev buttons followed by the Article Title buttons.

Any suggestions? I've tried disabling page navigation, but then the Article Title buttons disappear as well.
Reviews: 1
Everything worked great except I can't figure out how to make the entire block of text a link. Right now only the article name is a link.

Reviews: 3
Just exactly what I was looking for! It does its job right out of the box. If you need an extension that allows you to navigate from one article to another without clicking the back button or returning to category table. This is the best plug in to use. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! love it.
Reviews: 28
Very nice plugin does exactly what it says. Thank you.
Reviews: 5
Installed and running in my 2.5.3 site in under 5 minutes.

Some other reviewers have mentioned trouble with styling, but I only needed minimal modification. Other reviewers also mentioned that the navigation wasn't displaying where expected, but I found that with proper set-up of global article parameters and menu link parameters, I had no trouble at all. Another great tip - use a language file override to change "previous" and "next" references.

Thanks for this awesome free extension!
Reviews: 2
I had summurized my problems in one picture
Please look picture as linked

Owner's reply

Styling is done via your template's css file. Please check my web site for examples.

Reviews: 1
I love the idea of having titles to navigate between articles. The problem I have been having is that I need a way to see the previous, or next article between CATEGORIES as well. Currently, this extension allows you to jump to the previous or next article only within that same category.

For example, if I have a section called "blog" and within that section I have several categories called "food", "travel", etc... I need a way to navigate from the travel blog, to the food blog, from oldest to newest, rather than being confined to navigating in only "food", or only "travel" categories.
Owner's reply

The plugin works in exactly the same way as the native Joomla navigation.

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