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Custom Page Navigation Plugin

E-max custom page navigation is a simple and free plugin that allow you to display a page navigation with title and custom image for directions ONLY in the pages that you need it.

Ever tried to have page navigation arrows only for SOME of your articles to be displayed? And in a position between your body text, or wherever you like to?

Now you can control all of this in a very easy way with this useful plugin.

Inspired by Joomla's page navigation plugin, but with unique new features that give you the freedom to use page navigation in a complete new way in Joomla.

Doesn't need the Joomla page navigation plugin to be active to work, and doesn't seem to have any conflict with it if you want to use it both.

Simply enable the plugin and add:


where you need the navigation to be in the article, select the images you want to use for directions (you can add your custom images in a very easy way) and the order you want the plugin to show articles. The plugin will use CATEGORIES to define the articles range to be shown.

This plugin is multi languages enabled. At the moment we've included Italian and English, but if you want to translate it, is very easy and straightforward.


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Reviews: 4
Easy to install & use. It was exactly what I needed and the developer team has good support.
Reviews: 1
Perfect plugin, it works very well in the pages I want.
And an handshaking for the support team! :)
Reviews: 71
A client asked for previous/next links, but only within one category. Joomla's built-in navigation feature doesn't allow for this, and Custom Page Navigation fits the bill perfectly.
Reviews: 2
Perfect, just what i needed, thank you very much for your work.
Reviews: 1
I'm using this plugin and love it, but I have 2 different categorizes one I want to list alphabetical and the other by most recent.... there does not seem to be a way to make this plugin apply separate listing methods to multiple categories.
Reviews: 8
I was looking for something like this because the other navigation component don't seem to work very well.
This one is very nice and didn't find any conflict yet.
A couple things could improved.
The first one is when it gets to the end of the list of file in the category the next button should go around to the first article. Not just end with one arrow going back. Rather disappointing drawback.
The second is that it should be a module. Just set it and forget it and it will work the same way. It take a long time to add this to many article.
Lastly the ability to select article instead of categories for the navigation would be nice.
Reviews: 5
A recent Joomla! 2.5 site I was working on required a way to navigate between single articles similar to that of pagination for articles within a blog category. e-max provided the perfect solution with their custom page navigation plugin. Easy to install and configure. Simple to add custom css and graphics. Thanks heaps guys!
Reviews: 2
Of all the page navigation plugins this is simply the best ! Highly editable through CSS. Great support too - within a few days I got two different versions to try when I ran into a problem with compatibility on a Windows server. That really did the trick !
Thumbs up!
Reviews: 1
This plugin just does what it should! Place your custom page navigation everywhere and when you want!

I also want to mention the GREAT support!! Thank you guys! You just made my day!!
Reviews: 1
Did exactly what it was suppose to do!!
wish there was away to have it display next or previous instead of the article title, but other wise great plugin!.
Reviews: 1
I installed and activated the Plugin and followed the instructions, but all it results in is my article having the words {loadnavigation} show up in the article rather than page navigation.
Reviews: 19
thank you very much for this 1.6 extension but unfortunately, this is not XHTML valid out of the box. however with a ridiculously simple noob edit, this eMAX plugin is the best load navigation with a tag in content i have found so far. here is the simple edit:


delete this line:

echo '';

and copy the contents of:


and paste into your template/css/style.css or whatever folder your page css style is in.

example code i use in my template:

the prev and next are listed on two separate rows and i want them inline:

ul.pagenav li {line-height:32px; display: inline; text-align: center;}
.pagenav-prev {line-height: 32px;}
.pagenav-next {line-height: 32px; float: right;}
.pagenav-prev img {width:32px; height:32px; vertical-align:middle; padding-right:5px;}
.pagenav-next img {width:32px; height:32px; vertical-align:middle; padding-left:5px; float: right;}
.pagenav-prev span {}
.pagenav-next span {}
.pagenavigation_credits {text-decoration:none;}

navigation shows up with style where i put the content plugin tag {loadnavigation}!

i especially like the prev next icons images included in this plugin! thanks!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your suggestion and for your review.

Reviews: 1
Easy to use. A study Fine