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Top of the Page Plugin

With native MooTools AND jQuery modes, compatibility in all major browsers (including IOS and Android), Joomla cache friendly, and a ton of other features - this is ORIGINAL WORK and the most advanced top-button plugin available for Joomla!

"Return to Top" links do nothing for SEO and can even detract from it, and they can clutter your page. When you have a very long page, how do you decide where to put them? Do you need more than one? Are they visible when the user is already at the top of the page?

Top of the Page removes these concerns by creating a "Return to Top" link when the page has been scrolled by a certain (configurable) designated distance. When the page is scrolled back to the top (above the configured distance), the link disappears. If your page is short and users can't scroll down, the link will never be visible.

Your button can be text or images and as of version 2.0, can include an icon using your own icon-fonts - stylable in the plugin configuration, so you're not limited to any included images. The text is set using standard Joomla translation files, and can be overridden using the Joomla Language Manager (instructions included).

You've seen a similar implementation here in the JED (look in the lower right corner), but the JED uses a JQuery implementation while "Top of the Page" is configurable to use either MooTools or jQuery so you can load the correct Javascript framework and keep your pages loading fast!

In MooTools mode, this plugin implements ScrollSpy by David Walsh ( ).

Joomla 2.5 users in jQuery mode MUST provide your own jQuery. I suggest jQuery Integrator here in the JED. It's very nice. An alternative is jQuery Easy, also here in the JED.

New in 2.0 :
More efficient and streamlined (yes, it's even faster)
JS & PHP rewritten and optimized for performance
JS minified (with debug versions)
The button can contain icon-fonts (super cool)
Squashed weird jQuery animation timing bug
No more top anchor (better for SEO)
No more smoothscroll library (faster without it)
An extra dollop of love.

What isn't new: All available transitions (for both jQuery and Mootools) are present, automatic z-index capabilities. Button text overrides. No pre-set images (meaning, no limitations). Switch between Mootools and jQuery without noticing a difference in the front-end.

Some other extensions in this category are actually forks of a very old version of this plugin which still contain most of the bugs I squashed years ago. The JED rules prevent them from forking this plugin a second time, so they're stuck in the past.

All of my extensions are free and none of my extensions display advertisements or links to my sites or services. If you feel that I have blessed you, then you can bless me by making a contribution to fund future development. Visit the "Website" link to make a contribution.

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Reviews: 5
Worked flawlessly right off the start line. EXCEPTIONALLY simplistic customization options, with absolutely no excessive "pre-built plugin code" that you have to override with copious amounts of CSS. Essentially, if you know BASIC CSS (which you really should if you're doing ANYTHING in a web environment), you should have no problems customizing it 100% to fit your requirements

Also works flawlessly on mobile (the desired avenue for which I am using said plugin).

There's absolutely nothing that I'd change. Well done, my good man!
Reviews: 51
I've been around looking on a lot of plugins that claims to do this, this one just works, great job!
Owner's reply

I think that some extension devs take the easy way out and just adapt someone else's code into a plugin and release it. That wasn't my style. I wanted something that fit my needs, was easily configurable (so I could reuse it for my own clients), and was fast.

Hard? A little, but it was time well spent.

Reviews: 1
Easy to use, works straight out of the box and it was easy to customise. Big thumbs up
Owner's reply

It's nice to see someone who isn't ashamed of a deformity. I salute you and your big thumbs. You are an inspiration to us all!

Seriously though, thanks for the great review - I couldn't resist an opportunity for humor.

Reviews: 6
Very useful extension. Easy to set up. In some templates you must set z-index with high value if link not work.

Thank you for this great non-commercial extension.
Owner's reply

Version 1.25 provides an automatic z-index option which should be useful for many users.

Reviews: 3
Top marks for simplicity and effectiveness. It is easy to add, to style, and it works very smoothly. Really cool, thanks!!!
Reviews: 2
This is an excellent plug-in with no frills. Just the way I like it. I made one minor change to sbttFixedPermalink() and that was to add a z-index of 20 to make sure the arrow displayed on top of my right sidebar. Thanks.
Owner's reply

The latest version has an automatic z-index function!

Reviews: 2
Very good extension. Simple to install and use.
Reviews: 31
simple ,easy to install & make it work ,,,it can't get any easier than this ,,,thumbs up to the developer ,,i highly recommend you to get this & to check his other extensions
Reviews: 8
Configuration is nicely designed - allows you to use inline styles from admin config or instead read from your own style sheet. The only addition by the developer I can see being useful to some people would be the ability to change the link text in the admin config instead of having to edit the plugin's files directly. Thanks.
Owner's reply

Like other multi-lingual extensions, it's a snap to use the language manager to override any language string used in this plugin.

Thanks for the great review!

Reviews: 1
Nice and simple extension. Does what you expect and easy to install. Good support. Could use an easier way of customizing.
Owner's reply

Language, CSS, positioning, appearance criteria, scroll transition selection and URL appearance can be customized. Exactly what about this extension doesn't have enough customization for you?

Reviews: 1
I went through the waste of time of registering on this site just to review this plug in and the coder after 6 years of using joomla and extensions.

Just top notch working plug in and very quick support!
5 stars for sure

little tip so he's not bothered by the question anymore :)

the #topofthepage URL problem- That can be removed by turning smooth scroll on. If you're not interested in smooth scrolling, just set the transition time to 0.
Owner's reply

Version 2.0 removes the smoothscroll JS library (but does not remove smooth scrolling options) With that removed, the anchor is no longer present in the page, so there is no longer an anchor present in the URL, regardless of configuration.

Reviews: 32
Using Top of the Page in Joomla 2.5 since version 1.7(February 2012).
Advantages: Support for Joomla 1.6, 1.7, 2.5. Ease of installation and ease of customization. Multilanguage support. Flexible styling button. Support as a button as text and images.
Disadvantages: Sometimes problems arise when using Progressive caching Joomla 2.5. In this case there are two buttons.
Very easy to use navigation element. On my site 33% clicks on the home page - this button.
Support - good.
I use this plugin on the blog site and site post-graduate .
Engaged in web technologies since March 2007. Use Joomla since December 2009.
Owner's reply

I've revised the plugin (version 1.14) to behave properly with Joomla cache. The plugin now handles invalid base tags correctly. Additionally, the JavaScript has been rewritten into a Mootools Class which is more compact and concise.

Reviews: 2
i liked it very much.. grt plugin.. but i have problem i am using joomla 2.5, after scrolling down when i click Return-to-top
it redirect to my home page like this
any solution..plz help
Owner's reply

If you are using joomsef, you need to turn the base tag setting off... it does not create a valid base tag.

Reviews: 5
This plugin is great and is exactly what I needed. Very easy to install & configure. Very useful, thanks so much to the developer!!
Reviews: 1
A well done plugin, very easy to install and use. The smooth scrolling effect is very pleasant, and the button appears at the wanted time, immediately active.
Anyway I didn't figure out how to substitute the button with an image (this, I suppose, because I'm not an expert of javascript)
Owner's reply

The curse of being a developer is that I understand everything I do, and just about everything everyone else does because I read their code... So, when I write an extension - It makes perfect sense to me.

Several of my extensions have the capability for very advanced/complicated configurations. Top of the Page is one of them.

I plan on writing some in-depth how-to articles about my extensions in the future.

Email me and I'll be happy to give a step-by-step to achieve your goal.

Reviews: 1
I am very happy with this plugin.

It does what it should do, is very easy to install, configure and style.

I was using an outdated version and noticed a tiny bug. I contacted the author and received a reply within hours, together with the latest version, 1.12. The tiny bug was fixed in this version and it has even more configuration options.

A must have.
Reviews: 2
This plugin is just what I needed. You can customize it as you want.
The support is excellent. I had a problem with my template, the support help me to solve it.

Good job
Reviews: 1
Hats off to Mike for going the extra mile and getting the extension working in a JA framework environment.
Owner's reply

I want it to work everywhere! Thanks for reporting the issue!

Bug reports work - submit them!

Reviews: 8
Quick, Light, Easy to work and customise (CSS is accessible on the admin side itself.)... gets the job done in a very clean way. PHP isn't my strength and simply by reading the review before mine, I was able to put an "arrow" instead of the text. A must have.
Reviews: 8
The plugin does what it should! I already used it last year, but due to some compability issues (cannot remember exactly, but I think it was with Tabber/Slider) deinstalled it. Also I wasn't that happy with the anchor being added to the URL after clicking on "return to top".

Decided to give it another try now and was determined to work on any issues - but, there weren't any!
So the new version worked right out of the box now - great!

CSS can be directly edited in the backend. Try border-radius and box-shadow!

Also, with Joomla 2.5 it is now even easier to replace the default text ("return to top"): Simply go to the language overrides in the Joomla backend and add a rule for "PLG_SYS_TOPOFTHEPAGE_GOTOTOP". In my case I used "↑" (arrow pointing up), which works in most languages ;-)
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