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SmoothTop Plugin

SmoothTop is a plugin for Joomla! 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 and 3.0 that adds a scroll-to-top link as an image or text in a fixed position. The link is invisible when the page is at the top and fades in as the page is scrolled down. When clicked, the page is smoothly scrolled to the top and the link fades out.


• Plug and play installation.
• Text or image link.
• Configurable link text.
• Configurable title text.
• Selectable preset positions.
• Very lightweight, less than 1k added to page.
• SEO friendly, no anchor tag in the URL.
• Works in Administrator (selectable).
• Full CSS control.
• Language files for en-GB included.
• Two sets of arrow and arrow-hover image files included and installed.
• Uses MooTools Fx.Scroll and Fx.Transitions for scrolling effects (no JQ).
• Written with JQ compatibility in mind (no $ in code).
• Released under GPL license.
• Completely free!

New version 1.2.0. Be sure to uninstall previous versions to clean up unused files prior to installing new version.

Please take a moment to rate this plugin...especially if you like it. ;^)

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Reviews: 10
Thanks for this useful and nice plugin: fast, easy, accurate!
Reviews: 4
Works perfectly right out of the box. This gets installed on all my recent sites. Great work!!!
Reviews: 7
Integrates seamlessly with any template.
Easy and nice, thanks!
Reviews: 3
Installed it in a minute then enabled and presto!
Cool arrow effects,works like a charm!
Reviews: 1
Do not working 100% correct on all pages. On pages where i had anchors in my articles it's somehow linked to another elements of the page not to the top. Didn't find solution for this problem.
Reviews: 19
A really nice effect to have especially that we can choose which button to use in the css styling box. Had no problem with using it for joomla 3.2. Very easy and quick to install and to set up, it works well on mobile phone as reaches the top quicker.
Reviews: 7
Does exactly what is says it'll do straight out the box and has enough options to ensure that it's ideal for everybody. The fact that you can customise the button images only adds to its appeal. No conflicts either - awesome.
Reviews: 1
Many thanks for developers. Great plugin! I use it at responsive template, and there is no problem!
Reviews: 15
Enabled in seconds, configured in minutes. Very easy plug-in and a MUST HAVE for long pages!
Reviews: 5
I used it for my pinterest-like wall and I really love it.
It's super simple to install and customize.
Thanks a lot!
Reviews: 5
So simple. Installed as any plugin. Configured in under 1 minute. Has enough parameters to make most anyone happy. Want a custom button? Make one, upload it to the directory (location show in config window), change the CSS right in the config window and you're all set.
Reviews: 2
i love plugins like that, that just work in minutes! keep up the good work!
Reviews: 3
No any difficulties in installing and using.
Nice work, thanks!
Reviews: 3
I tried another popular 'Back to Top' plugin and it didn't work.

Tried this one and worked first time and is completely customisable.

Great plugin A1++++++++++++++
Reviews: 1
Very easy in configuring and supports great flexibility in appearance. It would be great to add one option: level of transparency on hover. However it was not difficult to add it myself :)
Reviews: 11
Handy little tool that works great. I tried it on my Joomla mobile site and it looks good and functions well.
Reviews: 8
Sensible defaults out of the box. The arrows are visible yet sober enough not to interfere with my template (there are 10 choices, and you can easily add your own through css).
Reviews: 11
I give this extension 5 star for these reasons :
2. GOOD Documentation
3. The Only one that work for my site. I was kind of tired trying similar extensions. This one saved my ass
Thank you developer, keep up good work.
Reviews: 2
The best extension for go to top.Easy to use, friendly, and full customized.Thanks to developer!
Reviews: 3
Great Plug-in! It realy work on Joomla 2.5.4
I checked out 4 plug-ins befor found it.
And i like possibility change the image.
Many thanks!
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