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JCreator+ My Menu ModulePlugin

My Menu is a Fixed Menu Module that can be used to add a Bottom or Top Fixed CSS3 menu to your site. My Menu is a sticky menu that scrolls with the webpage.

(No javascript required is required but can be used for advanced features)

Include on the Fixed Menu:

Any Joomla! menu, some Modules, HTML, or Custom Link.

Social sharing links (Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, RSS images included) and buttons(Twitter, Facebook, Google+)


This basic package includes the base module, a black template, a social plugin, and a plugin to load modules in a menu or on the bar.

Features in this first release include:

Easy Menu Setup - Use an existing Joomla Menu
Top or Bottom positioning - Create a sticky footer or a fixed header menu
Social Icon Links or Buttons
Choose from several menu templates to match your site
Add additional items to the menu with My Menu Plugins
Improved mobile browser support

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Reviews: 32
Wanted to use JCreator + My Menu in Joomla 2.5. But I could not.
Advantages: Ability to fix menu at the top and bottom of the page. Contains a button that scrolls the page up. There are buttons for social networks.
Disadvantages: Bottom menu is always visible on the page. It is not possible to display when the user wagged page down into a certain number of pixels. To change any settings need to change the template CSS code.
Support: None.
This plugin has potential. But, unfortunately, was unable to use it on the main site, as it failed to make the necessary changes to me.
Engaged in web technologies since March 2007. Use Joomla since December 2009.
Reviews: 1
This menu is perfectly suited for my site and was an easy install.
Reviews: 1
It is a nice menu. I like it and I rate it 5 stars because is the only floating menu that I found in the extension directory. It would be nice if you wuld make the "Load Module Plugin" to load a module by name and not by position. ;)