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Cakecrumbs Module

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*** Now available for J3.x *** Cakecrumbs is a derivative of Joomla's built-in Breadcrumbs module and is intended as a replacement for it. It includes several additional facilities and enhancements to make it easier to implement "breadcrumb" pathways display that meet current "best practice" guidelines for web site usability.

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Reviews: 1
This module has quite important feature that default breadcrumbs module lacks - it allows specifying images as separators. And such feature makes designing the site much easier.
Reviews: 6
The Cakecrumbs module cleans up the standard Joomla module (in version 2.5) a little, but like most other 'breadcrumb' replacements fails to address the ability to remove categories from the breadcrumb trail; which in my view often makes the trail very confusing for site users, and would be a most useful enhancement.

The only way to achieve this currently is to hack the core files.

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