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2J Scroll To ComponentModulePlugin

2J Scroll To it's multifunctional scrolling tool for Joomla! 2J Scroll To allow you to create multipurpose buttons on selected pages of joomla website which could scroll your page up to the window, to some anchor in content, css id or class on page. Even more you can define custom link for button to the internal or external page. No limits for amount of scroll buttons per page. Front end interface based on CSS3. Customizable on hover animation effect. New alternative mode it's Smooth Scroll effect for anchor links which already exist in your content.
* Smooth Scroll mode between existing on page links;
* Scroll to the text function;
* Scroll To the anchor or CSS class/id function;
* CSS3 interface of the buttons;
* Image as button function;
* Fade effect with fade time configuration;
* Ability to show button on single or multiply pages;
* Scroll time configuration;
* Custom labels of the button: support HTML, CSS images on button;
* Move Up of the page function;
* Possible to insert button into the article with plugin tags;
* Ability to exclude some classes and objects from plugin impact;

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Reviews: 2
This is a very good extension. However it is not possible to jump to a certain menu-item. In stead off I had to use links. That could possible lead to more maintenance in the future.
Reviews: 3
All I needed was a simple extension that would turn my existing anchor tags into smooth scroll links. This component does much more than that, but it couldn't be configured out of the box to do the simple function I required. I explained this to 2J support team, and they added a simple "smooth scroll" mode to this product, just for me! *So if you're looking for a simple smooth scroll, grab this and select "smooth scroll" mode* I've used a lot of extensions from a lot of developers; 2J stands out with the best of them in both quality and customer service.
Reviews: 2
During last two years i had used few different smoothscroll plugins and what was my main problem it's conflicts with another ajax extensions. This is not this case!
with scrollto i setup smooth scroll effect really fast and what is most important more then 3 weeks it's working without any problem. I configured it by myself it's
really easy. Thanks 2jteam for really helpful video tutorials form them this videos i've learned few tricks.
Thanks again!
Reviews: 1
Very easy to install, as well as a number of features.
2J items conveniently in the same control panel.
I like very much. I follow for future products. Mobile features look forward to.
I also recommend for the price.
Reviews: 2
very simple and effective extension. During installation didn't have any problems. During configuration i had couple of questions and support team helped me out in really professional manner. Thank you.
Reviews: 3
Excellent buttons plugin! Before purchase i wasn't for 100% sure that it's gonna work as i need it, but after purchase i find out that can do much more then it was expected. I created a bunch of navigation buttons with this component and it's work like a charm. Fair price and good volume.