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Anything Scroll Spy Plugin

Anything Scroll Spy is a light system type plugin for Joomla that will help you position sticky/fixed any html element (div, p etc ) while scrolling. It can spy on any element via class name or id.


Basic Setting
Disable on popup
Disable on RSS
Disable on Ajax Request
Item id filter(skip or allow)
Item id filter type (Allow or disallow selection)
Skip for Home page

Spy Setting
Enable/disable for ids
Enable/disable for class names
Multiple id with comma
Multiple class name with comma

Mobile detection
Enable disable for mobile devices

Report Extension




Reviews: 2
By today I am using this plugin in every my sites, because you can scroll anything with it. I use it for scrolling form contact in landing page.

The support is very fast and efficient (They solve my problem in two hours).

Very good job.