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Text Blink Plugin

This Blink Plugin is an article content plugin that will enable you to create blinking and flashing texts in your articles.
This plugin can be configured with several parameters, like colors, blinkrate. The Blink Plugin is based on the Joomtrax blink javascript

Instruction Video:


{blink}This a Joomtrax blink example{/blink}

{blink pars=0,#FF00FF,#FF44FF,#FF88FF,#FFCCFF,#FFFFFF,#FFCCFF,#FF88FF,#FF44FF}This a Joomtrax blink example{/blink}

Version history:
version: 1.8 date: 7 October 2012
Added Joomla 2.5, 3.x versions
version: 1.7 date: 9 September 2011
Added Joomla 1.7 version
version: 1.6 date: 10 June 2011
Fixed blink span tag instead of div tag
version: 1.5 date: 2 June 2011
Fixed blink only blink one article in blog layout
version: 1.4 date: 19 may 2011
Fixed joomla 1.6 page title bug
version: 1.3 date: 12 march 2011
Added support setting of system interval
refactored to Joomla! and other jvascript, html standards
added support of blink in multiple articles
version: 1.02 date: 7 march 2011
Added support of interval blink
version: 1.01 date: 2 march 2011
version: 1.00 date: 27 february 2011
Initial Version

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Reviews: 3
Does what it says and then some. I needed it for images, so instead of text I used an image and it worked...JOY
Reviews: 1
Very easy and simple to implement.

Great support!
Thank you guys!!!