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JB Pagebreak Plugin

As a follow up, we are publishing this utility system plugin.

JB Pagebreak is a system plugin created to customize the pagebreak for a Bootstrap implementation in a Joomla/JQuery setup

--- Installation & Upgrading

Download the last version and install it using the default install Joomla!. Please, remember to enable the plugin.

--- Updates

Updates in 1.0 - initial release.

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Reviews: 5
I am using a Twitter-Bootstrap based template and one of the last things to sort out was the pagebreak navigation links. They were asymmetrical and it just looked nasty. Every code I tried, failed. This plug-in does not hide the 'prev' link for the first page or the 'next' link for the last page, but it displays the navigation symmetrically and that is much more than I ever achieved. I also believe that the plug-in has still a lot of potential with the other presentation styles 'tabs' and 'sliders'.

Thank you.